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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Twelve Theses on Ecclesial Practices

I offer these for discussion. Anyone who’s talked with much about theological topics knows how important I think ecclesial practices are for the shaping of the church’s life and for growth in the Christian faith. These are not meant to be exhaustive in any way, but as discussion starters that will help fill out a […]

Bonhoeffer on the Ultimate and the Penultimate

I’ll be returning to my comments on the chapters of Bonhoeffer’s Ethics in the next couple days. But, to get things rolling I thought I’d share an excellent quote from Bonhoeffer’s chapter, “Ultimate and Penultimate Things”. Compromise always arises from hatred of the ultimate. The Christian spirit of compromise comes from this animosity against the […]

Truth-telling in Megachurches?

Apparently, it’s not impossible. While I’ve always thought that Greg Boyd was a good pastor and a reasonably able scholar, I have never been as impressed with him as I have been over his new book and the actions he’s recently taken in condemnation of the church’s uncritical allegiance to America and thoughtless support given […]

The Beauty of the Infinite :A Review

I posted this at Amazon over a year ago, but recently I’ve noticed this book getting a fair bit of attention on different blogs, so I thought it might be worth duplicating here. Against the stream of most who have read this book I must name myself as one of Hart’s detractors. His book, though an […]

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom…

This may be old news, but I keep finding people who haven’t heard of it, so I thought it might be worth posting. Here is a story on the recently erected “Statue of Liberation through Christ.” The megachurch who created the statue has its own website Here. The stated message of this statue (drafted by […]

Bonhoeffer, Ecclesiology And Further Postings

Just a couple of quick blogging updates. First, while the series on Bonhoeffer’s Ethics has been left dormant for far too long, I intend to take it back up again very shortly. My intention is to finish out my comments on Ethics within the next month or so and then move on to Bonhoeffer’s Sanctorum […]

The Church and Participation in God

D.W. Congdon at The Fire and the Rose has recently published an excellent series of theses on Divine Passibility with which I am in almost unqualified agreement. However, in his final thesis he makes this remark: “The church is not the continuation of Christ’s incarnation on earth, because the incarnation is an event that cannot […]

The Book Meme Continues… 1. One book that chan…

The Book Meme Continues… 1. One book that changed your life: John Howard Yoder, The Original Revolution 2. One book that you’ve read more than once: Alan Lewis, Between Cross and Resurrection: A Theology of Holy Saturday 3. One book you’d want on a desert island: Dante, The Divine Comedy (Excluding the Bible I presume) […]

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