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Truth-telling in Megachurches?

Apparently, it’s not impossible. While I’ve always thought that Greg Boyd was a good pastor and a reasonably able scholar, I have never been as impressed with him as I have been over his new book and the actions he’s recently taken in condemnation of the church’s uncritical allegiance to America and thoughtless support given to the war effort.

Boyd, in my view is a man of sound integrity who’s taken fire from many sides and yet tried to hold to his convictions. Centrally, he has been villified for his espousal of open theism by conservative evangelicals and now he is exposing himself and his church to the cost of speaking truthfully about Christianity and American.

As one who despises megachurches and actually isn’t really comfortable with churches over 50 people I am pleased to be able to recognize and affirm the faithfulness taking place in Boyd and his church. May other evangelicals follow suit.

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