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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Recent Reading: Participation in God

Withought getting into a heavy theological discussion of these texts, I thought it would be worthwhile to mention some of the stuff I’ve been reading lately, particularly on the theme of participation in God, which is clearly a recurring theme in my thought. Firstly, Andrew Purves’ Reconstructing Pastoral Theology: A Christological Foundation does a great […]

My Medium of Church Marketing

I guess if you’re going to take the marketing approach to evangelism and church grown, this is how you do it. Or at least how I’d do it…

The Inconceivable Credibility of God’s Love

Love alone is credible; nothing else can be believed, and nothing else ought to be believed. This is the achievement, the “work” of faith: to recognize this absolute prius, which nothing else can surpass; to believe that there is such a thing as love, absolute love, and that there is nothing higher or greater than […]

Six Theses on Ecclesial Social Engagement

I spent a good portion of last year exploring issues of the church, civil society, and public theology. Since then some of my thoughts about the relationship between the church, civil society and the state have crystalized in certain ways. It is in the interests of sharing and dialoging about those thouthgs that I offer […]

Eberhard Bethge On American and German Christianity

Here is a quote from John de Gruchy’s excellent biography of Eberhard Bethge, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s closest friend. It is almost entirely due to the tireless work of Bethge that Bonhoeffer’s works are available and known throughout the world. Bethge dedicated his life to making Bonhoeffer’s work available, working with the World Council of Churches and […]

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