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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Pope Benedict XVI on Hans Urs von Balthasar

Message of Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) to the Participants in the International Conventionon the Occasion of the Centenary of the Birth of the Swiss Theologian Hans Urs von BalthasarPontifical Lateran University, Rome Lords, Cardinals, venerable Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood, distinguished ladies and gentlemen:It is with great pleasure that I join […]

"Am I an Evangelical?" Part I: Introduction

In the days ahead, I want to explore some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head for the last few years regarding how I locate myself in relation to the evangelical tradition in which I was raised, educated, and formed. I find myself often oscilating between wanting to remain within the evangelical tradition […]

Good, Clean, Ninja Fun

Jacques Ellul would have been proud of the Ninja’s persective of The Technoloigcal Society.

American Jesus

And here we have perhaps the most blatantly idolatrous picture of the American Jesus that I have seen thus far. This image seems to communicate a few essential features of the American perversion of the image of Christ in contemporary imagination. 1) A Gnostic Christ The Christ pictured here is translucent, ascended, floating in the […]

I’m no Fundamentalist…but…

Maybe sometimes tattoos can be a form of horrific idolatry. This is comical and horrifying. When will we see that the church, not America is where our citizenship and identity lies? Come Lord Jesus!

Karl Barth on the Liturgy as Theological Method

A free theologian, free according to our definition, will be found ready, willing, and able always to begin his thinking at the beginning. This means his recognition of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the directive for his reasoning. In his reflections and statements he will always first proceed from God’s relationship to man and […]

More Recent Readings

There’s some great new stuff on Liturgical Theology and ecclesiology just out. I highly recommend both of these books. Shaping the Christian Life: Worship and the Christian Religious Affections Liturgical Theology: The Church as Worshipping CommunityBoth of these books helpfully examine the ways in which the liturgy forms and transforms the church as a community […]

Why you should only preach to small churches…

Ahh, Tithing…

Thanks to DW for pointing me to this site. And yeah, my church only takes an offering for the poor…novel concept I know!

Spill: NewWine, NewWineskins

NewWine, NewWineskins: Institute for the Theology of Culture, which I have worked with for some time has recently launched a blogging/discussion forum which I and some other interesting folks from Multnomah Seminary are contributing to. It should have some interesting discussions. Check it out.

Faith as Participation in God

Faith is participation in God himself. Certainly faith does not force itself into a position between God and God. It is the essence of faith to let God be who he is. But if faith does participate in God himself, without penetrating God in such a way that it forces itself between God and God, […]

Immigration, Scripture and Hospitality

The recent debates of illegal immigration have been very greiving to me on a number of levels. Most disturbing is the Christian response thereto which seems without exception to be both stupid and dispicible. Generally the white, conservative Christian response tends to be one of “Ship them the the hell back where they came from!” […]

The Amish and Forgiveness

The following is a transcript of a report by Anne Taylor Fleming on PBS’s News Hour with Tim Leher. It speaks volumes about what Christianity should proclaim and embody in a world where religion is coopted in the service of violence, vengeance, and injustice around the word. We have spent our week as heartbroken voyeurs […]

Von Balthasar on Revelation as Absolute Love

I recently finished reading through Han Urs von Balthasar’s incredibly profound little book, Love Alone is Credible. In it von Balthasar explores how Christianity can only be understood to be credible when it is understood on its own terms, namely as the revelation of the infinite love of God in the self-giving of Christ. Von […]

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