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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Tillard on Communion and the Other

“At its source, the Christian way of life is radically, in virtue of God’s very self, the abolute negation of any form of self-sufficiency, of any sort of self-absorbtion. The relationship to the other – this other who is first of all God, but God grasped within the unity between brothers and sisters in Christ […]

Schmemann on Eucharist and Mission

The purpose of this book is a humble one. It is to remind readers its that in Christ, life – life in all its totality – was returned to man, given again as sacrament and communion, made Eucharist. And it is to show – be it only partially and superficially – the meaning of this […]

Choose your Chuck

I spent most of my teenage years growing up in Calvary Chapel, so the name Chuck Smith was quite familiar to me, though I’ve never met the fellow. He’s well known as one of the innovators in the “New Paradigm” church movment from the 1970′s. He founded the Jesus People movement (or at least played […]

War, the Death Penalty, and Christian Ethics

There have been a few recent posts in the blogosphere recently related to the current issues of war and the death penalty, particularly with Saddam Hussein currently on death row, which most Americans warmly welcome, Christians included.First, Ben Meyers has recently posted an excellent review of David Clough’s Ethics in Crisis: Intperpreting Barth’s Ethics which […]

Am I an Evangelical? Part II: The Doctrine of Revelation

I begin this study with the doctrine of revelation basically for two reasons. First, one has to begin somewhere and theologically speaking I am convinced that we have nothing to say unless God has first spoken to us, rendering possible any future speech we might make to or about God. Revelation is the sole criterion […]

Rumsfeld Gets Cute At The Podium

The Adventures of God-Man

And here we have in strikingly accurate satirical form, the God of America, most of American evangelicalism, Dispensationalism,and especially Calvinism. Just Consider this a supplement to my forthcoming evangelicalism series.

Self-Giving & Self-Binding: The Cruciform God

It is common for us to think of God as self-giving, and rightly so. The infinite kenosis of the Triune God who pours himself prodigally into the world out of unquenchable love for his lowly creatures lies at the heart of the gospel about Jesus. God is and eternally has been self-giving, self-expending love. The […]

My Top 20 Most Influential Books

Inspired by Ben Meyers over at Faith and Theology, here are my top 20 most infulential theological books. The only real difference is that I’ve allowed myself to post a author more than once if absolutly necessary. Newbigin, Bonhoeffer, and von Balthasar each make it into the list twice. And with good reason as far […]

The Ressourcement Movement

Over at Per Caritatem a recent series on the history of Ressourcement Movment in Catholic theology (also known as the nouvelle theologie) has been posted by Michael Deem. I highly recommend it for those wanting to understand conteporary Catholic theology.Part I: Historical ContextPart II: Henri De LubacPart III: Impact and Historical Endurance

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