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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Theses on Sexual Identity and Christian Ethics

This series of theses should not really be taken as a response to Kim Fabricus’ list of propositions on same sex relationships. While that brought the issue to the surface in recent discussions, these are thoughts that I’ve had floating around for a long time and hopefully will lead to a more substantial and lengthy […]

Mr. Deity and the Really Big Favor

Recent Discussions on Homosexuality

In the last few days there have been a number of interesting conversations going on in the blogosphere about Christianity and same-sex relationships. The always thought provoking Kim Fabricus recently posted 12 Propositions on Same-Sex Relationships and the Church which has generated no small amount of conversation (68 comments at the time of this writing). […]

Merton on Sin

Posted at nothing new under the sun: There is nothing interesting about sin, or about evil as evil. And this evil is not a positive entity but the absence of a perfection that ought to be there. Sin as such is essentially boring because it is the lack of something that could appeal to our […]

Kasper on Faith

Faith is therefore not a simple act of understanding (an acceptance-as-true) or of the will (trust) or of feeling; it is rather a life-project that lays hold of all these powers and includes them, and a comprehensive mode of existing. Faith is at the same time an act (fides qua creditur) and a content (fides […]

Calvin on the Visible Church

But because it is now our intention to discuss the visible church, let us learn even from the simple title “mother” how useful, indeed how necessary, it is that we should know her. For there is no other way to enter into life unless this mother conceive us in her womb, give us birth, nourish […]

David Bentley Hart on the Church as Christ’s Counterhistory

Christ’s moment of most absolute particularity – the absolute dereliction of the cross – is the moment in which the glory of God, his power to be where and when he will be, is displayed before the eyes of the world. When the full course of Christ’s life is completed and is raised up by […]

J. Kameron Carter on Baptism, Christology, and Black Theology

In a recent post, I referenced the Duke Divinity School professor and potential rising star of black theology, J. Kameron Carter, whose work I greatly admire. The discussion centered on how Carter approaches the modern question of race as a distinctly theological problem. Here is an extended quote from an essay entitled “Christology, Or Redeeming […]

More Thoughts on the Best in Contemporary Theology

As I’ve thought more about Patrik’s “The Best in Contemporary Theology” meme, I thought I’d expand on it a little since after all, making long lists is the easy thing. So, what I’ve got here are key categories in contemporary theology and two books from 1981-2006 (though I tried to be as recent as possible, […]

Best Contemporary Theology Meme

Patrik has started up another meme that will likely spread throughout the theo-blogosphere: Name three (or more) theological works from the last 25 years (1981-2006) that you consider important and worthy to be included on a list of the most importantw orks of theology of that last 25 years (in no particular order). Here’s my […]

Power in Weakness: Alan Lewis on Holy Saturday

“It is a very different God, and a very different power, that we have discovered in the story of divine self-emptying, God’s capacity for weakness, the ability - without loss of Godness – to suffer and perhaps to die. This is the triune God of Jesus, fulfilled, majestic, glorified through self-expenditure in the lowly ignominy of our farthest country. […]

New Year Blogolutions

To the tiny but elite group that reads this blog, thanks for your comments and feed back this year. Here are a few topics you can expect posts on this year: Henri de Lubac Hans Urs von Balthasar J.-M.-R. Tillard Liturgy and Ethics The analogia entis Monasticism Dietrich Bonhoeffer (yes, I do hope to complete […]

Top Theological Books: 2006

There were indeed a lot of great books that came out in the last year. Here are a few of my personal selections. Most important theological book: Communion and Otherness: Further Studies in Personhood and the Church by John Zizioulas Most creative constructive theology book: The Eschatological Economy: Time and the Hospitality of God by […]

Von Balthasar: The Heart of the World

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with the writing of Hans Urs von Balthasar for the last couple of years have now acquired most (or at least the majority) of his many writings. Despite the magisterial scope and intellectually dazzling (or befuddling) nature of his theological trilogy, I’ve found that some of the greatest works of Balthasar’s […]

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