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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Lament for the Reformation

Fellow seminarian at Multnomah and friend, Brandon Rhodes has posted an excellent and provacative essay on the legacy of the Reformation in American evangelicalism, particularly how the Reformed doctrine of grace often leads evangelicals to disparage the more embodied aspects of the faith, like the practice of non-violence, discipleship, social action, and mission. I recommend […]

Newbigin on Justice

If “justice” is conceived as an abstract principle, the pursuit of it is a recipe for endless war, because all human beings overestimate what is due to themselves and underestimate what is due to others. Belligerents invariably claim to be fighting for justice. The Christian fait his that God’s justice has been made manifest and […]

Theology & Metaphysics: Against Grand Narratives

In the realm of Christian theology, the issue of metaphysics (or ontology) remains a perennial problem. There abide numerous “grand narratives” of how Christian theology either got it right or got it wrong in conversation with philosophy, both ancient and contemporary. There’s the common narrative by theologians like Colin Gunton and Catherine LaCugna of how […]

Bonhoeffer on the Church and Faith

Community with God exists only through Christ, but Christ is present only in his church-community, and therefore community with God exists only in the church. Every individualistic concept of the church breaks down because of this fact. The individual and the church have the following mutually conditioned relationship: the Holy Spirit is at work in […]

New Monasticism: 12 Marks of a New Ecclesial Frame of Reference

As some of you might know, I am a member of an intentional community that is part of what now seems to be a movement known as “a new monasticism.” In the midst of conflicts in North America between boomer-populated, largely affluent seeker-sensitive megachurches and their emergent, pomo, twentysomething counterparts, I find this new monastic […]

Republicans and Kittens

And just to add to the impossibility of true public dialogue, allow me laughingly post an inflamatory picture that I find hilarious.

The "Irrationality" of "Democratic" Politics

In a recent article a neurology study has examined brain activity during discussions about American politics. Committed Republicans and Democrats were both tested to see their cognitive and emotional reactions to quotes from the presidential candidates they supported in which each of the candidates were quoted contradicting a position they previously professed. The results basically […]

Christian Peace Bloggers

Michael Westmoreland-White has started up a blog-ring for Christians who write on the issue of peace and justice. The list is already growing fast, and I was happy to add my own humble blog to it. Hopefully this will be a good venue for some discussion of the Christian message and practices of peace in […]

Biblical Comprehension Quiz

My friend D.W. Congdon posted his score on this quiz and prompted me to take a look at it. Actually, I’d say it’s quite accurate. I grew up reading the Bible my whole childhood and in college I was always considered the guy who knows random Bible facts. I even won two scholarships based solely […]

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