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Francis Cardinal George on Sectarianism

The community of Jesus Christ does not seek to take over the reigns of political power, rather it seeks to create a culture. The debate over the relationship of church and state has become now a conversation on the relationship of faith and culture. The faith creates culture by being boldly and unapologetically itself…In the next millennium, as the modern state is relativized and national sovereignty is displaced into societal agreements still to be invented, it will be increasingly evident that the major faiths are the carriers of culture and that it is more sectarian to be French, American or Russian than to be Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist.

Francis Cardinal George, “Catholic Christianity and the Millennium: Frontiers of the Mind in the 21st Century”, (Unpublished essay delivered at the Library of Congress, 1999), 12-13.

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  1. Patricia Tryon wrote:

    Makes one sorry he had to leave Portland, doesn’t it? ;-)

    (Well, we left soon after… coincidence? ;-) )

    Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 1:22 am | Permalink

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