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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Well, thanks to David for tagging me with the ultimate theo-blogger honor: The Thinking Blogger Award. David, I knew I could always count on those five bucks keeping you in my corner. At any rate, and in all seriousness, here are five theo-blogs which I would recommend for their helpfulness in stimulating critical thought and […]

Rowan Williams: Multiculturalism?!

“We live in probably the least multicultural human environment there has ever been. The global market has canonised once and for all certain ways of making: industrialisation is everywhere, the network of global communication is everywhere, the effects of market forces are felt by everyone on the face of the globe…. It may be benevolent […]

A Great Year for Books

There are a number of great theology books coming out in the months ahead, which I think will make 2007 a particularly great year for theology buffs like myself (and, I imagine anyone who takes the time to read a blog like this). Coming out this month is a brand new book by Stanley Hauerwas […]

Jerry Falwell is Dead: How then Shall we Feel?

Moral Majority founder and fundamentalist TV preacher, Jerry Falwell was found dead in his office on Tuesday, May 15th, 2007. Falwell did more in his lifetime than most other fundamentalists for the last 150 years. In 1971 he founded Liberty University, which remains a premier fundamentalist educational institution, and at the time of his death […]

Review Column: Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie

For the second year in a row I will be co-authoring a review column in Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie on British and American theology with Dr. Paul Metzger. This is always a wonderful exercise in theological collaboration and a great incentive to really engage recent works in theology. This year we will […]

Another Book Meme

My friend David Horstkoetter recently tagged me with another one of those pesky meme’s. But this one’s simple, and in an attempt to distract whatever readers I might have from my conspicuous absence from substantial blogging in the last week, here you go. How many books do you own?: Last time I counted around 1,200. […]

New Monks, New Friars

As some of you all know I am part of a church that is among those in the movement known as the New Monasticism. It consists largely of small churches across the United States whose members live in close geographical proximity to one another, seek to relocate to the abandoned places of the empire, nurture […]

More on the Body of Christ

In a conversation with Derrick, who responds to my post on the church as the body of Christ, a discussion of Robert Jenson emerged which I think is helpful in shedding some light on how we might examine the ways in which we think about the church as the body of Christ. I thought I’d […]

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