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Monthly Archives: June 2007

The Metaphysics of the Incarnation: The Centrality of Divine Self-Determination

George Hunsinger, in a review article (Scottish Journal of Theology 55[2]: 161-200 [2002]) on Robert Jenson’s Systematic Theology, offers three drastic critiques of Jenson’s contribution to Christian dogmatics.  He claims that Jenson’s view of the cross is Socinian, his view of the incarnation, Arian, and his view of the Trinity, Hegelian (all three of which are, apparently […]

Propositions On Radical Orthodoxy

Since Radical Orthodoxy has recently come up in a few discussions, I thought I’d post a few of my own basic thoughts about what’s really wrong with this particular theological movement. Radical Orthodoxy purports to be a theological theology.  It begins with a perfect theological instinct and aim: to show that all thought is fundamentally theological.  […]

On The Rooftops: Theological Proclamations

Ben’s theological confessions meme is taking off at the moment.  And, as I’m the kind of person who likes to steal, bastardize, and parrot ideas, here’s something similar: Theological Proclamations.  Of course the utility of something like this is that you can be a lot less contrite and confessiony about things and feel free to […]

Radical Trinitarianism §4: Trinity, Analogy, & Participation in God

In the various discussions up until his point I have endeavored to lay out a radically Trinitarian approach to theological method.  What I judge to be “radical” about such an approach is its Christocentric starting point.  Under the auspices of an approach that seeks to be radically Trinitarian, Christology and theological method belong together.  In […]

Radical Trinitarianism §3.2: Christ, Church, & Scripture

In the previous two sections on Christology and Theological Method I have argued that theology has its genesis, not in Scripture per se, or in a general concept of God, but rather in the history of the Son of God as seen in Israel, the life of Jesus of Nazareth, and the church. It is […]

Out of the Closet: Theological Confession Meme

Following Ben Myers’ new meme, here’s a list of my own “theological confessions”: I confess:  I really do think Balthasar was a better and more interesting theologian than Barth. I confess:  I’ve never really read much Frei or Lindbeck. I confess:  If I wasn’t a “new monastic” free-church protestant, I’m pretty sure I’d be a Roman […]

Radical Trinitarianism §3.1: The Gospel & the Promise

Christian theology is theology forged in the realm of the Gospel. The service of the gospel is the point of theology. Thus, if the context and end of theology is found in the reality of the gospel and the shape it takes in the world, what then must theology be? Most, if not all Christian […]

Notes on Aquinas and How He’s Not a Semi-Pelagian

Recently there have been a few discussions about Thomas Aquinas and how he is or isn’t a semi-pelagian.  Shane first brought up the topic here, and was closely followed by Bobby’s dissenting view, here and here. I myself weighed in on the debate and finally cracked a bit further into my copy of the Summa.  And I […]

Radical Trinitarianism §3: Christology & Theological Method

If theology is to be radically Trinitarian, where then must theology begin? The standard answer to the beginning point of dogmatics has long been a contentious question for Christian theologians. Do we begin with the Doctrine of God or of Scripture? It seems we should begin with God, because after all, God is at the […]

Cornell West: Democracy is not my Faith

I speak as a Christian- one whose commitment to democracy is very deep but whose Christian convictions are deeper. Democracy is not my faith. And American democracy is not my idol. To see the gospel of Jesus Christ bastardized by imperial Christians and pulverized by Constantinian believers and then exploited by nihilistic elites of the […]

Tragedy for The Simple Way

As some of you might have heard, there was recently a 7 alarm fire in Philadelphia which decimated the Kensington neighborhood where the intentional Christian community, The Simple Way is located.  Many familes have been displaced and many other have lost all of their belongings.  Please be in prayer for this community. Here is the […]

Radical Trinitarianism: Index of Posts

This series of posts takes its impetus from the introductory and supplemental theses I posted previously on Radical Trinitarianism.  In the next few posts to come, I will attempt to offer an incohate theological exploration of dogmatics from a radically Trinitarian orientation.  I had not originally intended to turn this into a series on dogmatics, but […]

Radical Trinitarianism §2: Supplemental Theses

The following theses are meant to supplement and complete my introductory theses on radical trinitarianism that I posted a few days ago.  Together, these two sets of theses will form the skeleton from which I shall attempt to unpack a brief trinitarian dogmatics. A truly Trinitarian theology is thoroughly pneumatological.  It is in and through […]

A Book For Each Doctrine

Following Ben’s helpful list of a book (well, actually two books) for each doctrine, here is my own humble list.  While I am not as well read as Ben, maybe someone will still find it useful.  I did, however post a similar list a while back, which people could consult as well. Theological method: Kevin Vanhoozer, The […]

J. Kameron Carter on the Pentecostalization of the World

Christ’s life, which culminates in “the hour” of his passion, is the pneumatological foil to Genesis 11, the foil that reverses creation’s selfenclosure, first and ultimately, over against God and, second, but no less importantly, over against itself. Israel is crucial in effecting this reversal, for she is elected by God to mediate creation’s re-creation. […]

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