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Radical Trinitarianism: Index of Posts

This series of posts takes its impetus from the introductory and supplemental theses I posted previously on Radical Trinitarianism.  In the next few posts to come, I will attempt to offer an incohate theological exploration of dogmatics from a radically Trinitarian orientation.  I had not originally intended to turn this into a series on dogmatics, but after thinking further through the idea of Radical Trinitarianism, I found that this line of reasoning was quite fruitful, at least insofar as my own theological instincts go.

What follows will be a series of brief explorations in Christian dogmatics that seeks to be radically Trinitarian in all dimensions, and yet to avoid a certain faddishness or mere Trinitarian glossiness to what is being said.  I hope for this exploration to yield two things.  First, I hope it shows the importance and fruit of allowing Trinitarian theology to radically shift our mode of thinking in all areas of dogmatic theology.  Second, I hope that it shows how Christian dogmatics, when properly Trinitarian in form and content, are more oriented toward doxology, liturgy, and celebration which is the telos of all theological reflection.

This, then is an outline of the posts to come in my Radical Trinitarianism series.

Radical Trinitarianism

§1: Introductory Theses

§2: Supplemental Theses

§3: Christology & Theological Method

  • §3.1: The Gospel & the Promise

  • §3.2: Christ, Church, & Scripture

§4: Trinity, Analogy, & Participation in God

  • §4.1: Who’s Afraid of the Social Trinity?

  • §4.2: Theodramatic Analogy & Personhood

§5: God, History, & Drama: The Trinitarian History of the World

  • §5.1: Transcendence & Divine Noncompetitiveness

  • §5.2: From Melodrama to Drama

  • §5.3: Immutability, Covenant, & the Pasio Dei

§6: Ekklesia & Pentecost: Salvation, the Spirit, & the Church

  • §6.1: The Pentecostalization of the World

  • §6.2: The Ekklesialization of Humanity

  • §6.3: Mysterium Sacramentis: The Church as the Telos of the Cosmos

§7: Transposition & Consummation: Towards a Trinitarian Eschatology of the Cross

  • §7.1: Suffering: Horrors, Hope, & Good Friday

  • §7.2: Death: Non-Being, & Holy Saturday

  • §7.3: Resurrection: Kenosis, Plerosis, & Easter

  • §7.4: Life: Communio, Shalom, & Pentecost

§8: De Forma Trinitate: Liturgy, Life, & Joy

  • §8.1: The Great Dance: Doxological Ontology & Liturgical Identities

  • §8.2: Blood of Love, Bread of Life: Eucharist & Ethics

  • §8.3: The Great Banquet: Baptism & Feasting

  • §8.4: Triune Rhetoric: Hearing & Speaking in Communio

 §9: Inhabiting Jerusalem: Shalom, Polyphony, & the Omnipotence of Grace


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