Theological Parodies…a good time to be had by all

The other night a couple of friends and I were enjoying some beers at the local English pub, the Horse Brass (about as authentic as they get outside of the UK) and were having fun rhapsody-ing on about all things theological.  In the course of the evening we came up with our own, purely comedic version of Radical Orthodoxy, which as you may know, I have lamooned on this blog several times before, with various responses.  But, regardless we have come up with an excellent new book series proposal that I think all RO-minded thinkers would find captivating:

“Radical Mythology: Repristinating the Pre-Modern without Apology”

Forthcoming titles include:

Methexis & Metanoia: Reclaiming the Humors in Christian Bioethics

Theological Alchemy after the End of History

Leechcraft and the Christological: The New Debate

Lest You Fall Away: Living on Flat Earth amongst Nihilistic Spheres

Divine Creationality: On Reclaiming Ptolemaic Cosmology

Tiamet Reconsidered: Demononological Strivings and/as Origin of the Cosmos

In Defense of the Crusades, Or, Why Islam is Nihilism

Phileo and Fellatio: An Augustinian Theology of Orgasms

The Erotics of Redemption: Temple Prostitutes Vindicated!

3 comments on this post.
  1. Cynthia R. Nielsen:

    Now that is indeed humor at its best! Reclaiming Ptolemaic Cosmology–I’m still laughing.

  2. learnerpriest:

    Hasn’t Catherine Pickstock already written most of these?

  3. D. W. Congdon:

    This is second only to the “Shit Happens” post in terms of humor. Hilarious post!