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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Reformation Day: Thrown ever back upon grace

Ironic, isn’t it, that Reformation Day occurs on the eve of All Saints Day?  The day before we remember all the Saints and Doctors of the church, we remember the tragic rending of the church.  Perhaps this is fitting, in a sad and ironical sort of way.  However, on this day, when our eye (should!) […]

Robert Jenson: God as Decision & the Incarnation

“According to Barth, God’s being is most decisively construed by the notion of decision.  God is so unmitigatedly personal that his free decision is not limited even by his ‘divine nature’: what he is, he himself chooses.  But that must be to say God is the act of his decision.  Thus the doctrine of election, […]

I have no ontology!

In a recent post at Faith & Theology, George Hunsinger and Kim Fabricious go head-to-head in a ‘propositions-off’ about the much-discussed issue of the logos asarkos.  While there is much in that post that I would like, and hope someday to respond to, there was one statement by Hunsinger that particularly struck me.  For his fifth proposition, […]

Resurrection and Revolution: Some Ontological Considerations

In some recent conversations at Faith & Theology there has been a lot discourse about the ontological implications of the resurrection of Christ.  Basically, the argument is between those who insist that we must find a “logically prior” ontological ground for the resurrection of Christ in a postulated eternal logos asarkos and those who argue that the resurrection […]

And then it was topped…

The new winningest search engine term that has been used to access my site is now: “jesus porn” Four, wait make that five hits came to my blog from this term!  I don’t know if this makes me feel weirder about the fact that someone would type that into Google or that it led them here, […]

Radical Trintarianism: §5.2: From Melodrama to Drama

In this section the focus falls on cultivating a proper understanding of the God-world relation.  In contemporary trinitarian theology this question looms large and lines of theological demarcation are often drawn rigidly over the issue of how we understand the relation of the being of the eternal God to the contingencies of our temporal existence in […]

McCarrharer on Capitalism & Theology

“Paradise and beatitude are, in the end, the unacknowledged longings of economic life.  Our imperium of money has been an elaborate attempt to divert our attention from these desires.  For the last generation, we’ve been admonished to lock “utopia” in the attic of historical nightmares and dwell within the cheerfully commercial boundaries of the capitalist […]

Best search term that’s ever been used to get here

“Herbert McCabe+sex”

New Blog: Slouching Towards Bethlehem

In keeping up with the current trends, I now have a blog, where I can do the lazy kind of posting (just links, quotes, and pics).  Hopefully some of you will visit it sometime.  The title for it is taken from the captivating poem by W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming:  Turning and turning in the widening gyre […]

A Very Basic Introduction to the Rule of Benedict

Background: While the RB itself does not name its author in any way, all historical sources identify the author as Benedict of Nursia (ca. 480–543). The main source we have about the life of Benedict are the Dialogues of Gregory the Great, the first monk to become pope, and a great admirer of Benedict. The […]

The Drama of Atheist Humanism Continues…

 I recently came across this interesting post by decorated atheist blogger, P.Z. Myers.  He related a rather disturbing lecture that was given recently by Christopher Hitchens, in which he definitively wed militant atheism to American imperialism at its worst.  Here is a lengthy quote from his post: [Hitchens] told us what the most serious threat […]

Jesus and the Victory of God (5): The Praxis of a Prophet

Now moving on to his constructive presentation of Jesus, Wright begins to unpack the center of his case. His key argument is that Jesus, when placed in his first century context is best understood as an eschatological prophet to Israel who understood himself in continuity with John the Baptist and the Old Testament prophetic tradition. […]

Scott Cairns: On Slow Learning

If you have ever owned a tortoise, you already know how difficult paper training can be for some pets. Even if you get so far as to instill in your tortoise the the value of achieving the paper  there remains one obstacle – your tortoise’s intrinsic sloth. Even a well-intentioned tortoise may find himself, in […]

The Market as Sacramental Space: Eugene McCarraher

The most popular artifacts of contemporary business literature make much of “the soulful corporation”, complete with “credos” and “mission statements”. Often read as a high-minded farrago of moral platitudes, most of these documents should be read in appalling earnest, whether as perverse ecclesiological statements, parodies of liturgical labor, or twisted forms of sacramentality. One best-selling […]

Advent Bible Blitz: Reflections on Genesis

Well, it has begun.  So far I am on schedule.  Here are a few of my thoughts from my reading today of the book of Genesis: 1.  I was struck by the description in Genesis 3 of Eve’s way of evaluating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  She looks on […]

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