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You should definitely check out Christian’s latest blog entry.  It is a probing discussion of how socio-linguistic boundaries between the church and the world make it possible (or not) for Christian and non-Christians to work together in building a more just world.  Through an examination of the socialist politics of Eugene McCarraher and Slovoj Zizek, Christian poses a difficult question:

“Therefore, I’m wondering what sort of world McCarrher (a Christian believer) and Zizek (not a Christian believer) could work together to build, being that for McCarraher a true political economy would require the worship of the triune God, whilst for Zizek it would not.”

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  1. bobby grow wrote:


    It is a good article thanks for pointing me there. To answer the question I don’t think a divided house is possible, or a least viable alternative relative to the Trinitarian and eschatological shape of Christianity. I elaborated a little more about the anthropological/epistemological difficulties Christians’ question poses.

    Sunday, January 6, 2008 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

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