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‘Force is no Attribute of God’

“‘Force is no attribute of God” – that is the basic principle for the Trinitarian theologians.  God’s divinity does not consist in his ability to push things around, to make and break, to impose his will from the security of some heavenly remoteness, and to sit in grandeur while all the world does his bidding.  Far from staying above the world, he sends his own glory into it.  Far from imposing, he invites and persuades.  Far from demanding service from men in order to enhance himself, he gives his life in service to men for their enhancement.  But God acts toward the world in this way because within himself he is a life of total self-giving.”

–Arthur McGill, Suffering: A Test of Theological Method (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1982), 82.

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  1. Geoff wrote:

    Have you read any of the theology of suffering that has come out of Japan? I am just curious, as they seem to have similar thoughts on these same issues and may be helpful if you have time to read them, unless you have.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

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