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Daily Archives: February 18th, 2008

Does Protestantism Exist?

The meaning of “being protestant” continues to be an aporia that eludes firm definition and direction.  For most evangelical protestants, there is little notion of what it might mean for them to take their distinctively protestant status with any seriousness.  In other words, for many evangelical protestants, they think of themselves, not as “protestants” but […]

Balthasar’s Aesthetic Christology

In his helpful guide through Hans Urs von Balthasar’s theological aesthetics, Aidan Nichols points out key themes that mark out Balthasar’s Christologically-centered theological aesthetics.  For Balthasar, theological aesthetics must not become simply an “aesthetic theology” which simply offers a “correction of a deficient philosophical ontology.”  Rather, theological aesthetics, as offered by Balthasar “centers on the […]

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