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Monthly Archives: March 2008

A Call to Bloggers: Stop Supporting Amazon

It’s common practice, especially in the theo-blogosphere to link to books at Amazon.  In fact, my whole desire to blog started after reviewing books on Amazon for a few years.  However, as Wipf & Stock co-conspirator and fellow theo-blogger, Chris Spinks has recently admonished us, theology bloggers who wish to support and theological study and promote new theological books and […]

The Theology of Changing

One of the seemingly essential elements of the theology of the Christian life is the claim that, in Christ people are able to be transformed in their existential existence in the world.  While most Christians would deny any sort of crude notion of perfectionism, most Christians, even the most strongly reformed ones, would surely maintain […]

Consuming Sensations: Zygmunt Bauman

“For the consumers in the society of consumers, being on the move — searching, looking for, not-finding-it or more exactly not-finding-it-yet is not a malaise, but the promise of bliss; perhaps it is the bliss itself.  Theirs is the kind of traveling hopefully which makes arriving into a curse. … Not so much the greed […]

David Ford: 12 Theses for Theolgy in the 21st Century

“These 12 theses articulate the main elements of what I hope twenty-first-century Christian theology can be about: God is the One who blesses and loves in wisdom. Theology is done for God’s sake and for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Prayer is the beginning, accompaniment and end of theology: Come Holy Spirit!  Hallelujah! […]

Irenaeus: In search of a good translation

Do any of my faithful readers know of a good translation of Irenaeus’ Against Heresies?  I’ve read it in the old Roberts translation in the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers series, but I want something more servicable.  Who’s got the scoop for me?

If you had to…

A while back I asked folks who they would study if they had to be a scholar of just one modern theologian.  The key word there was ‘modern’.  Now I want to open it up more.  Out of all premodern theologians, (lets say up until the 19th century) who would you most want to study?  […]

Lingering: A test of theological discourse

In most theological interchanges the thing that seems most clear to me is the haste in which theological discourse, rejoinder, and response takes place.  This is perhaps magnified in theological discussions through mediums like blogs, but it also appears throughout the history of theological discourse.  In most theological discussions, when someone objects to a statement put […]

The Balthasar Blog Conference is Complete

This year’s Balthasar Blog Conference has come to a close.  Thanks to David Congdon for a great lineup and some excellent discussions.  You can read his closing reflections on the various plenary posts here.  Next year’s blog conference on Balthasar is already in the works and it looks like it will focus on the fasinating […]

J. Kameron Carter: A Theological Account of Race

With all the recent media attention being given to black liberation theology, I am overjoyed that at long last J. Kameron Carter’s book, Race: A Theological Account is set to be out this September.  I have literally been waiting for this book for about three years.  I’m sure it will be worth the wait.  Here […]

The Church and Israel: An Exercise in Category Mistakes

In most discussions of Jewish-Christian relations the questions are generally posed in a manner that suggests that the key question for Christians pertains to how the church is related to Israel.  The key assumption here is that whatever the theological entities named by “church” and “Israel” are, they are the same kind of thing, and their […]

Black Liberation Theology in Current Discussions

For those that have been confused by the rather muddled and frenzied discussions in the media lately about Barak Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and race relations in America, allow me to heartily recommend the various discussions of these things by my friend David Horstkoetter.  David is a student at Union Seminary who has studied under James Cone […]

The Task of Theology: A Thesis

The fundamental problems of doing theology and disagreements within theology most often have to with the the threefold issue of Christ, the church, and the world.  The questions of theology and theology’s internal disputations can very often if not always be traced back to different ways of configuring these three theological realities.  Therefore the task of […]

The Unassimilatability of the Risen One

“There is at Easter no Christ who simply seals our righteousness and innocence, no guarantor of our status, and so no ideological cross.  Jesus is alive, he is there to be encountered again, and so his personal identity remains; which means that his cross is his, not ours, part of the history of a person […]

The Balthasar Blog Conference Continues

If any of you have not yet been over to the Fire and the Rose to check out the ongoing Hans Urs von Balthasar conference, you should definitely take a look.  There have been some great posts and responses so far, including the most recent piece by Francesca Murphy on Balthasar’s reading of Exodus 3 and the […]

Balthasar: Love, the Final Thing

“Christ’s new foundation, his Church is the communication to mankind of the pneuma, interior to God, which is the location, consummation and testimony of the love between the Father and Son.  Henceforth the Church exists consciously, the unbelieving world unconsciously, within the trinitarian love, which proved itself to be the final thing, the eschaton, because […]

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