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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Greatest 20th Century Biblical Theologians

Who do you consider to be the greatest Biblical Theologians of the 20th Century, and why?  If you wish, you may nominate one person for New Testament and one for Old Testament.  For my money, I think the work of Brevard Childs may be the most significant work in biblical theology to be done this century.  […]

The Realm of the Resurrection

“The resurrection is not the undoing of the event of the cross, but the transfer of that event from our fallen cosmology to God’s place in which it is the finished work.  The cross is a new environment that we are baptized and immersed in.  It redetermines our metabolism.  In it we learn to make […]

Theological Discussions

We’ve all seen those fictional discussions between say, Barth and Bultmann or C.S. Lewis and Freud.  These are always enjoyable, and I hope to write some eventually.  My current fascination involves writing a discourse on ecclesiology and ecumenism between John Henry Newman and John Howard Yoder.  Hopefully you will all be able to enjoy that […]

What is Natural Theology?

Perhaps the most contentious subject in early twentieith century theology was the issue of the viability or not of natural theology.  This polarity persists in contemporary theology, though today the issue has become even more honed directly in on the issue of analogy.  However, this discussion is usually nebulous in that the perceived relationship between […]

Theological Music

“The end is music.”  Thus Robert Jenson ends his magnificent systematic theology in describing the visio dei in distinctly aural terms.  The vision of God, the beatific vision is here conceived not first and foremost as seeing, but as hearing, as listening to the intonations, harmonies, and rhythms of the eternal discourse of the Trinitarian […]

Be a Man!

Little did we all know it, but apparently males are being systematically excluded from the Christian church.  Yes, contrary to all appearances, it seems that the reason that churches in America today lack innovation and energy is because the men are being excluded.  Mark Driscoll tells us why (with some visual aids, thankfully thrown in […]

The Gospel of Atheism: A Trinity Sunday Sermon

It is perhaps supremely odd that we have in our calendar one day devoted to the Triune God. Generally all of our holidays that we celebrate in our rehearsal of God’s story are rememberings of divine saving events. We celebrate the incarnation of the Son at Christmas, the manifestation of the Jesus’ glory at Epiphany, […]

Theology and Poetics

In his book, A Theology of Compassion, Oliver Davies suggests that theology has a fundamentally poetic character.  The act of theology is an act of imaginative poiesis, of making language strange.  Poetry, he says leads us to the threshold of theology, but not beyond precisely because of theology’s commitment to historicity.  While poems in some […]

Author’s Best Books?

We all have our favorite authors and our favorite books by them.  So, if we could recommend just one book by our favorite authors, what would they be?  Here are a few of mine: John Howard Yoder – The Priestly Kingdom Lesslie Newbigin – Household of God Stanley Hauerwas – The Peaceable Kingdom Robert Jenson […]

Interruption and Ascension

“The Eucharistic body…mediates to us Christ’s current or ascended embodiment liturgically and cosmically, under the accent of the divinity and new creation.  Communion replicates in objective reality the communion we have with him non-objectifably through the Spirit.  The bodies of those in need, in whom Christ is present to us…mediate the ascended body under the […]

The Church’s Language

“The church exists for the world, but it renews its identity when it gathers for worship.  It speaks in the world, but it learns its ‘distinctive talk’ when its members come together around word and sacrament.  Worship is often misconceived as a series of special ceremonies which are intended for the edification of the individual […]

Moral Certitude, Martyrdom, and Hope

I sometimes wonder about the statements of conviction we make.  I’m firm believer in making very few commitments quickly while making damn sure you always keep the ones you do make.  But absolute statements, declarations, and manifestos are some of the most easy things to say.  They role right off the tongue and theological books […]

More on Mark Driscoll

In light of all the discussion about my post on Mark Driscoll (and why his theological beliefs don’t really allow him to worship Jesus), allow me to commend to you a very interesting, and at times painful article by Lauren Sandler that was done on Driscoll and his Seattle-based evangelical empire in Salon magazine.  You […]

Ecclesiology & Ecumenism: Update

Here is a further-updated list of all my posts on ecclesiology and ecumenism: On Remaining Protestant Protestantism and Catholicity Apostolic Succession or Theological Continuity? The Persistence of Protestant Identity: More Harm than Good? Unity and the Papal Office: What Alternative is There? “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”: What does it really mean? The Reunited […]

The One Movie Meme

Leave it to Ben to start another one of these things.  Oh well, lets have fun with it. 1. One movie that made you laugh Drowning Mona 2. One movie that made you cry Pan’s Labyrinth 3. One movie you loved when you were a child The Karate Kid 4. One movie you’ve seen more […]

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