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Monthly Archives: June 2008

My Theology Is: A Summary

In an attempt to articulate some of the basic moods, motifs, and styles that determine my own way of trying to approachtheology, I’ve decided to do a short series of posts on this.  As Robert Jenson has stated, it is the fate of all theological systems to be dissected.  While I don’t have anything approaching […]

On this day…

On June 25th, 1530 Martin Luther and his followers presented the Augsburg Confession to the princes and electors of Germany, who in turn presented it to the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, thus establishing the basis of confessional Lutheranism for centuries to follow.  What I find most interesting about the Augsburg Confession is its thoroughgoing catholic substance.  […]

Pre-Seminary Reading List

Recently I was asked by a friend who is going to seminary in the next year or so to give him a list of theological books that I would recommend for reading prior to seminary.  Here’s what I gave him.  I can’t help but wonder how much better off I would have been if I […]

High and Low Church Worship

“The higher Christian churches – where, if anywhere, I belong — come at God with an unwarranted air of professionalism, with authority and pomp, as though people in themselves were an appropriate set of creatures to have dealings with God.  I often think of the set pieces of liturgy as certain words which people have successfully […]

Paul in One Sentence

In his wonderfully accessible book, Reading Paul (in the excellent Cascade Companions Series), Michael Gorman offers a wonderful one sentence summary of Paul’s gospel: “Paul preached and then explained in various pastoral, community-forming letters, a narrative, apocalyptic, theopolitical gospel (1) in continuity with the story of Israel and (2) in distinction to the imperial gospel […]

Resurrecting Adam

“If the human race fell in a mere man named Adam, what happened to the human race in the death, resurrection and ascension of the incarnate Son of God?  Why is it that the Church has been so quick to give Adam such status in the whole scheme of things and so slow to recognize […]

The Karl Barth Blog Conference So Far…

The Karl Barth Blog Conference is in full swing and so far there have been some great posts and some great discussions ensuing as a result.  Here are the papers that have been presented thus far: Welcome by WTM Introduction: The Impossible Possibility? Philosophy and Theology in the Work of Eberhard Jüngel by Jon Mackenzie […]

The Historicization of God’s Being

The Karl Barth Blog Conference is now well underway and my own contribution has just been posted today, dealing with the issue of Jüngel’s theological ontology and the whole thorny issue of the historicality of God’s being.  I argue in this post that, according to Jüngel, God’s very being is constituted through the history of […]

Favorite Ikons?

Let’s just be honest: ikons are cool again.  We don’t know when it happened that non-Eastern Orthodox Christians began to be fascinated with the tradition of Christian iconography, but we can certainly see that it is legion today amongst Christians from nearly every sub-tradition of the faith.  Whether we are evangelicals, Catholics, emergent types, or […]

Trinity and Temporality

One of the most provocative claims made by Robert Jenson’s Trinitarian theology is that temporality has its source in the eternal life of the Trinity. In his view God is temporality itself, containing the reality of history within God’s own life.  This is important to understand in light of God’s claim that the event of […]

The 2008 Karl Barth Blog Conference Begins

The 2008 Karl Barth Blog Conference has now begun.  Over the next week we can look forward to a variety of posts exploring Eberhard Jüngel’s radical interpretation of Barth’s theology of the Trinity in God’s Being is in Becoming.  This is sure to be a great conference.  Stay tuned.

Posts in Review: My Favorites

This month marks my two-year anniversary of blogging.  It’s become something of an addiction since.  Here, in no particular order, are a few of the posts that I consider my personal favorites: Who’s Afraid of the Social Trinity? The Metaphysics of Discipleship Baptism, Voluntarism, and Politics Basic Ontology Who Can Mark Driscoll Worship? The Ugliest […]

Rising Stars?

Within the contemporary landscape of theological scholarship who do you think are the rising young scholars to pay attention to?  Who do you think will be among the next generation of great theological minds?  I’m thinking of people who as of yet of produced one book or less.  Somewhere in that range of relative newness.  Here […]

Around the blogs

There are quite a few notable posts around the sphere right now.  David Congdon emerges from his seemingly interminable blog-slumber to give us some excellent overviews of the Envision ’08 conference on evangelicals and political action.  Eric also alerts us all to some information on some banal thing called the U2charist.  Scott Stephens’ new guest-post […]

The Metaphysics of Discipleship

Perhaps the recurring issue in discussions of Christian discipleship regards simply whether or not it is something that Christians should think they can actually do.  Not long into the established church’s history the notion became prominent that the ethics of Jesus, particularly as recorded in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7) and other prominent […]

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