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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Nihilism, Tragedy, and Apocalypse

In his superb book, Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo, David Toole argues that there are three possible responses to the horrors that have taken place in modernity: Nihilism, Tragedy, and Apocalypse. He frames his discussion using the rather incredible story of the staging of Samuel Beckett’s play, “Waiting for Godot” which was staged in Sarajevo […]

Nicene Theology as Paganization

In his discussion of the controversy between Athanasius and Arius over the nature of God, Arthur McGill makes a rather delightful observation: “[For Arius], to apply the notion of ‘begetting’ to God’s own substance is to take a notion from Greek mythology and apply it illegitimately to the Biblical God. According to the entire Hebrew […]

John Piper to Women: You’ll Stay in your Place and you’ll Love it!

Jasmine points us to a rather heinous video of John Piper giving some blatantly misogynistic pastoral advice to Christian women. Pretty much it just boils down to a wheezy sort of used car salesman-sounding attempt to relegate women to being nothing other than wives and mothers. He just tells them to love being submissive wives and mothers […]

Balthasar at the Center

Two of my favorite books, as I’ve mentioned many times are David Bentley Hart’s The Beauty of the Infinite and Alan Lewis’ Between Cross and Resurrection. And, in terms of theological conclusions, you would be hard-pressed to find two books that come to more radically different conclusions. Lewis’ study is a bold attempt to seriously […]

The Powerlessness That Must be Silenced

Well, I should be reading some of the new and excellent books that I have sitting about my room right now such as J. Kameron Carter’s Race: A Theological Account or Ted Smith’s The New Measures. Soon enough. For now I’m still re-reading some old favorites, namely Hart’s The Beauty of the Infinite and Alan […]

The Martyr versus the Fighter

“The pathology of a martyr complex is often a heavy-handed attempt to escape the vulnerability of speaking the turth without the means of convincing others that it is true. It signifies impatience with the freedom of others not to believe. It betrays an insecurity that cannot bear its own knowledge without compulsion for everyone else. […]

Human Being as Gratuity and Futurity

Previously I’ve charged David Bentley Hart with proffering a primarily protological ontology. But here he strikes a more resolute eschatological note: “Both our being and our essence always exceed the moment of our existence, lying before us as gratuity and futurity, mediated to us only in the splendid eros and terror of our in fieri, […]

Donald Miller at the DNC: The Reactive Poltics of Evangelicalism

Davey has helpfully pointed us to a rather bizarre occurrence at the Democratic National Convention, namely the closing prayer by fellow Portlander and author, Donald Miller. Miller many of us know from the wildly successful book Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligous Thoughts on Christian Spirituality. This book has, in many ways, come to be cast as […]

New Books by John Milbank

I’m sure that some have noticed the dearth of posts over the last few days. Well, part of the reason for the current lacuna is that I have been in the process of moving back to Portland from Eugene, Oregon where I have spent the last two months. I was spending some time working out […]

Finally Out! Race: A Theological Account

I have waited for this book expectantly for the last five years or so. It looks to be more than worth it. I just recieved my copy of Race: A Theological Account by J. Kameron Carter today. I will be sure to blog about it when I have read it, but for now I don’t […]

Further Response to Lauren Winner: Clarifications and an Emmendation

It may be that my post on Lauren Winner’s review of Electing Not to Vote yesterday produced more heat than light. The responses were pretty much split down the middle between enthusiastic supporters and militant detractors. Given how much this has stirred the pot, and in light of more information that I have obtained, I’d […]

Electing Not to Vote: The Ethics of Lauren Winner’s Book Review

A recent issue of Sojourners Magazine features a book review by Lauren Winner (of Real Sex fame) on Electing Not to Vote, one of the latest releases from Cascade Books. This book consists of nine essays by Christians from a wide spectrum of confessional backgrounds, all of whom offer theological and biblical arguments for refraining from […]

Theological Verbology

Its always wonderful to read books that are at once theologically insightful and literarily creative in their ability to twist and tweak language. Here are a couple of superb, creatively phrased passages from Douglas Knight’s The Eschatological Economy: “Although [Jesus] is the resurrection, the one who may never die, he suffers and dies. He suffers […]

Martyrdom and Self-Denial

“Self-denial does not kill the martyr. The martyr does not die of neglect or self-mastery, which we would more accurately speak of as suicide. Rather, self-denial enables the martyr to face with courage the situation that calls for death, though that death is inflicted by someone else. In this way, the martyr is freed from […]

A Pacifist Ethic of Romantic Love

I’ve written previously regarding the issue of a theology of romantic love in conversation with Dietrich Bonhoeffer. That post was, in many ways an elaboration on earlier posts related to the nature of sexual identity in Christian perspective. Here I want to explore the issue further from the standpoint of a pacifist ethic. Whether or […]

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