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Monthly Archives: November 2008

What Makes an Ecclesiology Sufficient?

One of the central issues in ecclesiology today concerns what makes an ecclesiology “adequate” or “sufficient” enough to do the perceived work that an ecclesiology is supposed to do within an encompassing theological vision. For example in With the Grain of the Universe, Stanley Hauerwas makes the following comment about Barth’s ecclesiology: “If the world […]

“Let the Church be the Church”. . .

Its hard for me to overestimate the importance Stanley Hauerwas’s works to my theological development. He did two things for me especially, the first was making me take the church with absolute seriousness as the primary community in which Christian life is lived. The second was to introduce me to John Howard Yoder, who, I […]

The Church and the Gospel

“The appointment of Jesus to be the Christ takes place in the Spirit and must be apprehended in the Spirit. It is self-sufficient, unlimited, and in itself true. And moreover, it is what is altogether new, the decisive factor and turning-point in man’s consideration of God. . . . To the proclamation and receiving of […]

Scarcely Recognizable Politics

David Rensberger’s Johannine Faith and Liberating Community is a real gem in terms of biblical scholarship. It weaves together acute social-historical analysis in its consideration of the text of John, and brings the vision(s) rendered there into conversation with the shape of Christian life today, allowing the Johannine vision to pose a real challenge to […]

Violence and Anarchism

The critic of any Christian appropriation of anarchism tends to argue that anarchy is more violent than the current order, and, as such always inherently worse than our desires to oppose whatever hegemony happens to be in place. It seems incontrovertible that the recommendation of anarchism is, by its very nature more violent, dangerous, and […]

True Revolution

“This, then, is the revolutionary situation: to be revolutionary is to judge the world by its present state, by actual facts, in the name of a truth which does not yet exist (but which is coming) — and it is to do so because we believe this truth to be more genuine and more real […]

Theological Exegesis: The Clear Winner

Well, the results of my recent poll on what readers think I should blog on is nothing if not unambiguous. Theological Exegesis is clearly most the most desired blog topic in the opinions of my readership. So, true to my word, theological exegesis and biblical theology will be graced with a minimum of 50 posts […]

The Point of Apocalyptic

“The point that apocalyptic makes is not only that people who wear crowns and who claim to foster justice by the swords are not as strong as they think – true as that is: we still sing, ’O where are Kings and Empires now of old that went and came?’ It is that people who […]

Runoff Election

Thanks to all who responded to my poll on what they’d like to see me blog about. Given that there were five options on that poll, I thought I’d stage a runoff election between the top two contenders and see what the results are there. To whichever side wins, I will promise 50 posts on […]

Elections, Nations, and God

The right of national self-determination does not exist in the Bible. Before God nations have neither a right to exist nor a right to liberty. They have no assurance of perpetuity. On the contrary, the lesson of the Bible seems to be that nations are swept away like dead leaves and that occasionally, almost by […]

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