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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Mental Health Break

For a Good Flaying

David Bentley Hart’s new book on the new atheists is out and, in his usual take-no-prisoners style, Hart pulls no punches. Rusty Reno has a good review of the book on the First Things website. Here’s a taste: Thus, if we return to the usual Western Civ lecture hall cliché—ancient science was somehow stymied by […]

Against “Air Quotes”

I’ve long been a critic of the colloquial use of quotation marks. This is a particular problem in theological writing. Anyone wanting to write something clever or use any form of slang in a theological treatise seems pathologically bound to enclose such phrases in quotation marks. To my mind this nearly always has the effect […]

Is the Recession Good for Farmers?

Richard Reep makes some interesting observations about how the current economic situation may actually have beneficial effects on smaller farmers: While the global players deliver discounts due to their enormous volume, local community markets offer low-priced produce, goods, and services due to their microscopic volume. This common ground between individual efforts and enormous buying machines […]

Painting of the Day

Marc Chagall, “White Crucifixion,” 1938.

Terry Eagleton in Commonweal

The always interesting and entertaining Terry Eagleton has a fascinating article in the latest issue of Commonweal entitled “Culture and Barbarism.” A couple quotes: Islamic fundamentalism confronts Western civilization with the contradiction between the West’s own need to believe and its chronic incapacity to do so. The West now stands eyeball-to-eyeball with a full-blooded “metaphysical” […]

Bit of Bonhoeffer

“There is in the Holy Scriptures one book that differs from all other books of the Bible in that it contains only prayers. That book is the Psalms. At first it is something very astonishing that there is a prayerbook in the Bible. The Holy Scriptures are, to be sure, God’s Word to us. But […]

No More “War on Terror” Rhetoric

According to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the Obama administration has essentially discontinued utilizing the language of “war on terror.” This language has, for the past 8 years, served a rallying cry for America’s foreign policy, so its interesting to see the language shift, even though it is, of course not all that unexpected. I […]

Need a Recession Support Group? Try a Church!

Not sure what to think about this exactly. Apparently churches across the U.S. are starting up support groups for people who are out of work due to the economic situation. These groups are practical on the one hand–people swap resume and interviewing tips and the like. On the other hand they are also there for […]

After Brands…?

From Douglas Haddow: The monolithic notion of a “brand” – an infinitely dependable symbol of prosperity, happiness, comfort and security – is over. For nearly a century brands acted as the definitive medium through which we experienced capitalism. A brand’s strength came from its ability to transmit a consistently identical static message. Brands gave our […]

Resurrection and Glory

In Romans 6:4 Paul states that “Christ was raised by the glory of the Father.” What would it mean to think a little more about what it means to say that Christ was raised by the Father’s glory? The context of the passage is centered on the theme of the superabundance of divine grace compared […]

Blogging Milestone

After many attempts I have finally succeeded at blogging every day for one month straight. My discovery of the ability to schedule posts for automatic publishing certainly helped this, but nevertheless, I still fee entitled to a nerdy, self-aggrandizing pat on the back. In addition, this month has also more than doubled my previous records […]

The Faith of Abraham

Throughout Romans 4 Paul draws comparisons between the faith of Abraham and the form of faith that Christians are called to in response to the faithfulness of Christ. What is Abrahamic faith for Paul? According to 4:20 it seems to entail at least two things. First, the text notes that “No distrust made [Abraham] waver […]

I Love You Man

I’m an unapologetic fan of the post-Apatow fallout in American romantic comedies. Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, et al are, in my mind the best and funniest thing that has happened to mainstream comedy in American cinema in years. However, most of these movies (with the notable exception of the unassailable Superbad) […]

The Linker-Dreher-Sullivan Exchange

There’s been a multi-part exchange of posts between Rod Dreher and Damon Linker over the issue of gay marriage these last few days. Andrew Sullivan has also weighed in on the matter. Makes for some interesting reading.

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