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A Week of Stringfellow

Over at Faith and Theology, Ben Myers is planning on doing a week’s worth of posts about the life and theology of William Stringfellow in light of a current discount being run by us at Wipf & Stock. This is sure to be a great week over there and you all should make sure to keep a close eye on these posts. The more I read of Stringfellow, the more I am convinced that he is the prophet of our age. Indeed, what is so striking about Stringfellow is that he blurs the line between prophet and exorcist in a way that can only be described as radically biblical.

Since I think Ben’s idea is such a good one, I believe I will participate in this as well. I may not be able to promise an entire week’s worth of Stringfellow posts, but I plan on making it my emphasis this week as well. But regardless, you should all go over to WS and order at least a few of these. Free in Obedience, An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land, and Instead of Death are books that everyone should own at the very least.


  1. plessey wrote:

    Boo hoo. I ordered 4 stringfellow books 2 weeks ago from W&S. Still waiting for them to arrive. Kuwait is a long way away by post.

    Monday, March 9, 2009 at 4:11 am | Permalink
  2. R.O. Flyer wrote:

    Sounds like a week of fun!

    Monday, March 9, 2009 at 10:22 am | Permalink

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