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Quote of the Day: God is Not a Temple Dweller

“Liberty, then, is liberated when one is taken up in the liberating acts of God. Where? In history of course! After all, our God is not a Baal, who is fettered to a certain portion of the world and who cannot get our of the way, who has no say outside his territory, who cannot even get there.

Our God is not a temple dweller. In the strict sense of the word he is not even a church god. He advances through time; ever again he lets the new conquer the old. He is not a God of the status quo, but rather the Lord of the future, King of the history of the world, and, as such also Head of the church.”

~ J.C. Hoekendijk, The Church Inside Out, 70.

One Comment

  1. Doug wrote:

    I agree with his quote, but differ on the explanation. God the Son inhabits His Body, the Church as does God, the Holy Spirit….
    God, the Father is the status quo in the fact that He is the I AM

    Monday, March 23, 2009 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

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