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Eschatological Existence

“Now then, ‘When anyone is united with Christ, there is a new  world; the old order has gone, the new order has already begun.’ (II Cor. 5:17) I think that here lies the heart of the eschatological existence. A new act of creation has taken us out of the oppression of our closed and too little world and put us in open history with wide horizons, in the middle of ultimate realities, which Jesus directs toward us from the ultimate. Only the man who is open toward this future is up to date; only he who expects that this new reality not only has evident surplus value over the old today, but also that it will again get superiority over it, only he deserves to be called sanguine.”

~ J.C. Hoekendijk, The Church Inside Out, 167.

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  1. I like the new look and I have updated my blogroll accordingly, Halden.

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