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Luther on Ecclesial Community

“Those who seriously want to be Christians and to confess the gospel in deed and word ought to write themselves in by name and perhaps gather by themselves in a home for prayer, Scripture reading, Baptism, Holy Communion, and other Christian exercises. In this kind of order one can know those who do not behave as Christians, punish them, reform them, cast them out or excommunicate them according to the rule of Christ (Matt 18:15f). Here one could also impose common aims upon the Christians which would be contributed willingly and distributed (II Cor 9:1,2,12). One would not need a lot of grand singing there.

“Here one could also conduct Baptism and Communion in a brief and fine manner, and direct everything ot the Word, prayer, and mutual love. One  should have a good, brief catechism. . . . In sum, once one has the people who seriously desire to be Christians, the orders and procedures could quickly be brought about. However, I cannot and may not yet have the people for it. And I do not see many who are urgently seeking it.”

~ Martin Luther, Preface to the German Mass.

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  1. bruce hamill wrote:

    Thanks for this very useful quote Halden. We have formal membership, common purse, etc, but for all sorts of interesting reasons it doesn’t quite seem like what Luther had in mind

    Monday, April 6, 2009 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

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