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The Morality of Freedom

“The gospel’s specific morality is a matter of opened opportunities, of what we may reasonably do that otherwise would have been foolish. The normal morality is a matter of imposed constraints, of what we must do, that otherwise we would have liked to not do. Given Christianity’s record of legalisms, it is hard to credit but is true nevertheless: the gospel’s specific morality is a morality of freedom. Insofar as the gospel moves us, we do what we do because we may, not because we ought. And a good act is one which finds the way to love, to the affirmation of the brother’s freedom. . . . It’s pattern is: ‘You may . . . because, if Jesus is risen there is no need to fear. . . .”

~ Robert Jenson, Story and Promise, 81.

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  1. Hill wrote:

    This is awesome.

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