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Daily Archives: May 4th, 2009

Where Eagleton’s Definitely Right

From Salon’s review of his new book: Eagleton’s terminology is deliberately provocative, and some Christians won’t find his account of their beliefs, colored as it clearly is by the Catholic “liberation theology” of his youth, to be mainstream at all. Still, he is incontestably correct about two things: There is a long Judeo-Christian theological tradition […]

Torture and Rape

Andrew Sullivan asks why rape shouldn’t count among allegedly acceptable “enhanced interrogation techniques”: One way to look at how the Bush administration redefined torture out of existence, so that it could, er, torture human beings, is to compare their criteria for “enhanced interrogation” with those for rape. Raping someone need not leave any long-term physical […]

Fish on Eagleton on “Ditchkins”

Stanley Fish investigates Terry Eagleton’s new book, Reason, Faith and Revolution. Whatever one thinks of Stanley Fish he is a great reader. Here’s a snippet of the article which describes Eagleton’s assault on Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens whom Eagleton derisively labels “Ditchkins.” “Ditchkins,” Eagleton observes, cannot ground his belief “in the value of individual […]

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