At Last

I’ve been waiting for this set since last October. And finally it is here:


I’m delighted with the new edition of the Church Dogmatics. Not withstanding the loss of the prefaces, I still think this edition will be eminently more readable. At least I certainly hope so. Be prepared for a lot of posts on Barth. Because for almost $500, this set is going to get read.

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  1. rheimbro:

    That is great! I just purchased the Logos version a month ago, and have been slowly plowing through the first volume. It would be nice to have them in print for as well, but for now the digital version seemed to fit my needs best.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on it!

  2. Colin:

    Wonderful, don’t post too much Barth or I will be utterly unable to escape the allure of such a set…

  3. Andrew Tatum:

    $500!??? You can get the same set for around $400 from CBD!!

    Oh well, it’s still worth it. And please, please post a lot on Barth so that my wife will read your blog more often and then decide to buy the set for herself!!

  4. Halden:

    Almost $500. It was actually $439 or something (including shipping).

    Blogging is made for exaggeration.

  5. Ben Myers:

    Nice. I’ve just been dabbling in the library set here, and they’re really so much more readable. Seeing this pretty photograph, I’m starting to succumb to the dangerous thought of asking my wife for yet another set of Church Dogmatics. (I already have four editions, counting the German edition, the Logos edition, the Alexander Street database, and the old hardcover set — it gets so bloody hard to justify another set…)

  6. Colin:

    What does the paper feel like?

  7. Bobby Grow:

    I can only dream . . .

  8. Bobby Grow:

    And I know this is a bit off topic (sorry Halden), but does anyone know when T. F. Torrance’s book Atonement (the companion volume to his Incarnation) is going to be out?

  9. Liam Byrnes:

    I cant believe how cheap it is on CBD! Drool.

  10. David W. Congdon:

    Bobby, the other Torrance volume should be out this October. That’s what it says in the back of the Incarnation volume.