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Serious Theology

Barth certainly can always boast of his energy. Even in the most technical sections of the Church Dogmatics (and CD I/1 is almost certainly that) there is nothing but pure energeticness when it comes to the material of theology: the proclamation of the gospel:

Again, how disastrously the Church must misunderstand itself if it can imagine that theological reflection is a matter for quiet situations and periods that invite contemplation, a kind of peace-time luxury for which we are not only permitted but even commanded to find no time should things become really serious and exciting! As though there could be any more urgent task for a Church under assault from without than that of consolidating itself within, which means doing theological work! As though the venture of proclamation did not mean that the Church permanently finds itself in an emergency! As though theology could be done properly without reference to this constant emergency! Let there be no mistake, Because of these distorted ideas about theology, and dogmatics in particular, there arises and persists in the life of the Church a lasing and growing deficit for which we cannot expect those particularly active in this function to supply the needed balance. The whole Church must seriously want a serious theology if it is to have a serious theology. (CD I/1, 76-77)

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