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Monthly Archives: July 2009

bLogos Post

For those who are interested in seeing my more sermony side, I now have a post up on bLogos dealing with this week’s series of Lectionary Scriptures. Hope folks find enjoyable. Or at least tolerable.

Stringfellow Discussion Group

As some of you know, I’m a big fan of William Stringfellow, as are a number of my publishing cohorts. Currently we publish all of Stringfellow’s works and we’re getting more and more secondary works on him in print as well. Anthony Dancer’s forthcoming book, An Alien in a Strange Land: Theology in the Life […]

Who is Worship For?

In his Undergoing God, James Alison says a lot of provocative and important things, not least about the nature of worship. He details two different accounts of what worship is, which he terms “the Nuremberg” and “the un-Nuremberg,” drawing on the imagery of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies. “The Nuremberg” form of worship consists in the crowd […]

Round Again with Intentions

In light of the ensuing discussion, it seemed like a good idea to fill out the whole issue of the ethical relevance of intentions a bit more. What is absolutely important in regard to this issue is to understand the way “intention” must never be used to absolve us of our actions. This is at […]

Why Intentions Don’t Matter

Bacevich’s article, which I mentioned earlier dovetails with what I continue to be more and more convinced of in ethical evaluation. Motives, intentions, or whathaveyou seem to me to be almost totally irrelevant to substantial ethical discourse and discernment. How you feel about what you do only matters to you, not the people you do […]

Against Good Intentions

Andrew Bacevich has an interesting reflection in World Affairs Journal on Graham Greene and American foreign policy. It really unpacks the way in which innocence (i.e. having only the best and truest intentions) is horribly dangerous in the world of violence and power. As Greene puts it, “Innocence is a kind of insanity.” The conscience […]

The Ekklesia Project is Blogging

Good news for friends of the Ekklesia Project. The EP blog, bLogos has undergone a splendid update and is now featuring regular posts reflecting on the Lectionary texts for each week. There is a great lineup of diverse and brilliant contributors, as well as some distinctly lesser luminaries like yours truly. The most recent post […]

Why the Kindle Shouldn’t be Trusted

Turns out that the only way to really own a book is to . . . well, actually own a book. Farhad Manjoo has a good article in Slate about the recent debacle regarding Kindle users who had purchased 1984 and then subsequently had their book deleted when it came out that it was in […]

Poverty and Jesus

“[Jesus's] kingship has no worldly luster, his power is powerlessness compared to the strength of others. ‘He who alone is rich is . . . the poorest of the poor’ (167). In word and deed he turns especially toward the poor; their poverty corresponds to his. The royal man’s activity shows a marked affinity for […]

A Yoderian Camping Trip

And yet again I am back. The trip ruled. Rivers were floated down and swimmed in. Conversations were had. I totally used my massive Dutch oven for the first time ever. Fantastic trip. I recommend them. I also finally did a cover-to-cover reading of John Howard Yoder’s The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited. I really regret waiting […]

Gone Camping

I know, I know, I just got back from Chicago and now I’m abandoning you all to the wastelands of the interwebs again. But take joy in knowing that I’m having a hell of a time. Outside of cell phone range. Sitting by a river. Probably reading Charles Taylor or cooking something delicious in a […]

Idolatry and Sexuality

In the comments thread on the McCabe quote I posted yesterday, Charlie directed us to a fantastic article deserving of a close reading by James Alison which deals with the difference between idolatry and worship, particularly as this relates to questions regarding homosexuality and Christian doctrine. It is definitely worth the time to read. Here’s […]

God’s Self-Understanding

For my money you can’t do much better than this in talking about the Christian doctrine of God. This is long, but I couldn’t bear to cut the quote off. It’s just too good: Jesus is God’s word, God’s idea of God, how God understands himself. He is how-God-understands-himself become a part of our human […]

And I’m Back…

The time in Chicago was great. I partook of many things. Including this: And, naturally some of this: Moreover, if you’re in Chicago any Wednesday in August you have to make your way to the Tonic Room some evening and catch le Percolateur. They are fantastic. And the bar’s not half bad either.

Gone to Chicago

For the next three days or so posting may be spotty. I’ll be in Chicago, hitting up the best local eateries and bars I can between sessions at this year’s meeting of The Ekklesia Project. The topic for this year is “Economics in the Household of God.” I look forward to some good sessions and […]

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