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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Augustine Our Contemporary

It seems a fair consensus that in Augustine’s journey to Christianity there were three major issues with which he had to deal. Certainly these could be expressed variously but they seem to come down to 1) a problem with the idea of humanity being created in God’s image (since God is absolute transcendent spirit, how […]

Why Education is Important

Because if you have no college degree, there’s a good chance you’ll end up on Fox News.

Augustine Week

Let me begin, appropriately, with a confession: I have never read Augustine in any thing approaching the depth that he merits. Obviously this is an unacceptable situation. To that end, I have decided to declare this coming week, beginning on Sunday, to be Augustine week. Barth and Yoder will be put aside, movies and my […]

God With Us!

More from Barth’s stirring sermons: God with us! That is too strong a contradiction, not only over against our sins and sufferings but also against the nature of our existence down to the very deepest depths of its roots. God with us! That conflicts too much, not only with our unrighteousness, but more yet, with […]

I have come to kindle fire upon the earth…

Barth has an awesome sermon on Luke 12:49 reflecting on Jesus’s statement that he came to kindle a fire on the earth: Jesus used this strong word very consciously: I am come to kindle fire. Whatever gets into fire is not only changed, but it is transmuted in a manner unheard of, into something different […]

The Power of God

In regard to understanding the nature of God’s power, a subject that is much misunderstood and contended over in theological discourse I have found no one as helpful as Arthur McGill. McGill’s book, Suffering: A Test of Theological Method is one of the most under-read books out there. I strongly suggest that everyone get a […]

Imitators of God?

There is an undeniable stream of thought in the New Testament epistles that call believers in Christ to imitate God. The most clear of all these is Eph 5:1: “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children . . .” (cf. 1 Cor 11:1; 1 Thess 1:6; 3 John 11). This stream of thought is vital, […]

Threaded Comments Stay

Well, I think the results are definitively in: Do You Like Threaded Comments? Yes: 66.67% No: 33.33% Threaded comments have won by a landslide in last week’s poll. As such they will be staying in place. However, I have increased the number of levels down that they can go. Hopefully that will help their clarity […]

John Piper’s False God (3)

In answering some comments I came across some more crazy stuff from Piper on what he believes about his god and evil. Try this one on for size: After the planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York, I was interviewed and people would ask me, “Where was God in this?” I said, “Well, […]

John Piper’s False God (2)

As already noted, for John Piper evil, suffering, and death are all ultimately determined and decreed by his god as part of his own plan for self-glorification. For Piper this is inestimably a good thing. Because God is God it is good for God to seek to magnify himself in all things. And, moreover the […]

John Piper’s Latest Statement

Credit for this one-liner goes to Ben Myers. You funny, funny Aussie.

Threaded Comments

Alright, I’m taking a poll here because I know people are a bit divided on this one. Do you guys like having threaded comments here or would you prefer them to be standard format? Results are in.

More on the tornado God didn’t send against the gays

Greg Boyd has a good and even-handed rebuttal to John Piper’s raving comments about how God sent a tornado to warn the Lutherans not to accept gay clergy. Boyd should be respected for taking this kind of measured and rational tone with something as ludicrous as Piper’s claims. I’m sure I could take some sort […]

More on the Karl Barth Blog Conference

If any of you still haven’t been following this year’s ongoing Karl Barth Blog Conference, make sure to check it out. Here are the essays that have been posted thus far: Introduction: Travis McMaken Day 1: Travis McMaken on Calvin and Barth on Paul (with a response by Jason Ingalls) Day 2: Shane Wilkins on […]

John Piper’s False God (1)

In light of some of the requests that surfaced in my last post on the danger that John Piper poses to the church and its mission, I’ll be posting, over the next little while a few reflections on precisely how his theology is dangerous and false. First off, one of the central issues arising from […]

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