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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Is Blogging Superficial?

Kent has pointed us to a comment made by J.I. Packer about the usefulness of blogging/reading blogs: I’m amazed at the amount of time people spend on the internet. I’m not against technology, but all tools should be used to their best advantage. We should be spending our time on things that have staying power, […]

Trinitarian Asymmetry

Leithart has another great thought-porovoking post on trinitarian theology, this time reflecting on the asymmetry of the trinitarian relations. He concludes with a few reflections: First, it is the failure to reckon with the asymmetry of the relations that has sent certain forms of social Trinitarianism down a blind alley.  The Trinity is not a […]

Why Conservatives Shouldn’t Make Manifestos

Today saw the release of the “Manhattan Declaration,” a sort of ecumenical conservative manifesto with 148 signatories from Roman, Eastern, and Evangelical denominations. Its a consolidated statement of the usual stuff super conservative Christians care about — abortion, gay marriage, and well, I guess the freedom to not perform abortions and gay marriages, they call […]

The Church’s Unrest

Jürgen Moltmann’s The Church in the Power of the Spirit continues to be one of the most impressive books I’ve yet encountered from him. In fact, I’ve found Moltmann’s work here quite helpful in light of the recent discussions about the viability of Hauerwas’s ecclesiology that have emerged from Nate Kerr’s book, Christ, History and […]

Does Mission Make the Church?

According to the early church’s own self-narration in the book of Acts it would seem so. In Acts 2 clearly it is the pentecostal coming of the Holy Spirit which initiates the new messianic reality through the apostles. But, the logic of the Spirit’s movement is not Pentecost-Church-Mission, but Pentecost-Mission-Church. The Spirit descends upon the […]

Tradition and Messianic Liberation

Jürgen Moltmann, in The Church in the Power of the Spirit argues that appeals to the church’s tradition as a source of stable, timeless permanence are misguided on the basis of the very nature of tradition itself: The tradition to which the church appeals, and which it proclaims whenever it calls itself Christ’s church and […]

Summarizing Jenson on God and Time

Peter Leithart has perhaps the best post-length summary of Robert Jenson’s controversial and oft-misunderstood theology of God and time: Is God eternally and infinitely the eternal and infinite God that He is? Of course. He’s God. Is God dependent on creation for His fulfillment? Of course not. He’s God. The biblical God uniquely does not […]

One of those deserted island kind of things

What is the one novel for you? The one that you would take up, forsaking all others if you had to choose. And why? Tell us.

Yoder on Just War 5

I’ve been reading The War of the Lamb, the most recent posthumous work of John Howard Yoder’s to be released. I’ll have more to say about some of the problems of the published form of the book later. (Short version: I deeply suspect that Stassen has taken too many editorial liberties in the interest of enlisting […]

South Park Does Glenn Beck

Just too good not to share:

Homosexuality Trumps the Homeless

This is shocking, at least from the standpoint of the gospel. Apparently there is some legislation in DC that would require employers to not discriminate against same-sex couples (i.e. they’d have to give them medical benefits). In response to this the Catholic archdiocese has threatened to shut down their public social services to the homeless […]

Best AAR Discovery

I think my favorite find of this year’s AAR was McLean’s pub. Despite the undeniable weakness of most Canadian beer, you can’t deny the unequivocal awesomeness of drinking beer from your own tap:

Back from AAR

Sorry for the week of silence, folks. I was basically cut off from the internet during my time at this year’s American Academy of Religion meeting. It was definitely an enjoyable time, if a  pale shadow of the former glory that was the joint meetings of AAR and SBL (but don’t worry, those days will […]

Palin Poetry

The Trinity and Attributes

To continue on the trinitarian theme, let me ruminate on something I’ve thought for a long time. In a typical discussion of the doctrine of the divine attributes most theologians have been careful to say that all three of the divine persons posses all the exact same attributes equally and identically. Thus, the Father is […]

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