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Back from AAR

Sorry for the week of silence, folks. I was basically cut off from the internet during my time at this year’s American Academy of Religion meeting. It was definitely an enjoyable time, if a  pale shadow of the former glory that was the joint meetings of AAR and SBL (but don’t worry, those days will be back in a year or so and continue on for the foreseeable future).

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting Ben Myers’ paper, “Apocalyptic Gospel” at the Theology and Apocalyptic session, which will likely be one of the most interesting discussion groups at AAR in the future. The ensuing discussion was excellent, indeed some of the best I’ve experienced in these sorts of forums. I definitely plan to remain involved with this group and hopefully present something of my own at next year’s meeting.

It was also a pleasure to spend many evenings with old and new friends, which is, to my mind the best thing about AAR. But, now I am back, energized, have some new books and blogging shall resume at once. For those who also went to AAR, what did you find most enjoyable this year?

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  1. DWilmington wrote:

    Visiting here again for the first time in ages and wondering why I haven’t been here regularly!

    I thought Montreal itself was the most enjoyable part of AAR this year, the session with Denys Turner, Sarah Coakley, and Mark McIntosh on the apophatic tradition was the best panel, the Festival of (James) Cone was the wildest, and the brew pub/strange Canadian pizza place + “Gitana” hookah bar in the Latin quarter made for my best evening out.

    I came away praying never to be assigned a presentation session on a Monday at 4:30pm (even we presenters were weary).

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

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