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Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Kingdom of God is Coming! And it is Coming for You!

A Christmas Eve Sermon by Nate Kerr. In those days a decree went out from Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered.  This was the first registration and was taken while Quirinius was governor of Syria.  All went to their own towns to be registered.  Joseph also went from the town of Nazareth […]

Critiques of Individualism as Will to Power

Critiques of individualism are as legion as critiques of modernity in theological circles. But anymore I’m not even sure what a critique of individualism is supposed to do. Ostensibly authors of books lodging theological critiques of individualism are hoping to somehow reshape society or at least generate some substantive sub-cultures that don’t fall prey to […]

You’re not “post-” anything, so shut the hell up!

If there was one term I could actually effect a moratorium on I think it would have to be the phrase “post-”. But, since I can’t effect a moratorium, allow me to propose an axiom instead: Any conceptual position (theological, philosophical, etc.) that describes itself using the modifier “post-” is never actually “post-” anything in […]

EP Responds to Obama’s Nobel Speech

The Ekklesia Project has launched a new blog in response to President Obama’s recent Nobel Prize acceptance speech. I think this is a good thing. EP came into existence to call into question Christians’ complicity with violence as such and war in particular. That was something of an easy target during the Bush years and […]

Most Awkward Creation Story Ever

Anybody found one that tops this? It’s from the “Hymn to Atum,” an Egyptian creation myth from the Old Kingdom (2575-2134 BCE): When I first began to create When I alone was planning and designing many creatures, I had not sneezed Shu the wind, I had not spat Tefnut the rain, There was not a […]

Trinity and Passibility

Peter Leithart has an argument about the whole question of divine impassibility versus divine suffering that I think has some promise: 1) God is “pure act,” never unrealized, never anything less than wholly Himself.  Yet, within the Triune life, God acts on God.  The Father begets the Son, and in relation to the Father’s begetting, […]


As some of you know for the occasional random posts I’ve done, I love to cook in many forms and have over the last year developed an interest in mixology. In the interest of not cluttering this blog with my every culinary whim, my best friend Andrew and I have started our own blog to […]

Minarets and Crucifixes

Robert Wilken has a post arguing that the Swiss ban on minarets is not a curtailment of religious freedom since its really just about preserving culture and tradition: For the Swiss, erection of minarets taller than church steeples would alter the skyline of cities and towns, visibly severing links to the past. The construction of […]

One Irish Priest

In response to the inquiries about the routine cover-ups of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, one Irish priest had this to say: There is no good in saying other than the truth. The church at this state has no credibility, no standing and no moral authority. The issue is now one […]

Accursed they were not here!

My post on the Manhatten Declaration has elicited the enthusaistic support of many, the ire of an angry few, and the well-deserved chastening of my much-beloved loyal opposition for whom I am more grateful than I can ever express. Therefore, and nevertheless, this recent treatment deserves mention for its rhetorical brilliance and right-on-the-money beingness. Here’s […]

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