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Daily Archives: February 11th, 2010

Rowan Williams on the body of Christ, ctd.

What I have been proposing is that the empty tomb tradition is, theologically speaking, part of the Church’s resource in resisting the temptation to ‘absorb’ Jesus into itself, and thus part of what its confession of the divinity of Jesus amounts to in spiritual and political practice. Jesus is not the possession of the community […]

Rowan Williams on the body of Christ, ctd.

More from Rowan Williams’ Resurrection: The resurrection faith is bound up with the existence of the community, then; but that does not immediately answer the question of the source of both faith and community. . . . That is to say: there is something prior to the community. . . . [Thus] it is and […]

Rowan Williams on the body of Christ

Rowan Williams’ wonderful book, Resurrection has some very helpful thoughts on the nature of the church as the body of Christ, and, specifically on the relationship between the church and the risen, personal body of Jesus. We have already noted that Jesus as risen is a Jesus who cannot be contained in the limits of […]

The bride, not the wife

It is interesting that the church is described by Paul, not as the wife of Christ, but as the bride (2 Cor 11:2; Eph 5:27). Clearly there is something important about this distinction. A spouse stands in a settled and determined relationship. The vows have been made, the union has been actualized, the relationship has […]

Is the church a subject?

The notion of the church as the totus Christus, a notion commonly connected to the image of the body of Christ seems to imply that the church is an entity, a subject. However, is this the case? Volf says no: The church, both as the universal communio sanctorum and the local church, is not a […]

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