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Born from, into, and for the apocalypse

According to Harink the church is apocalyptic in three ways. It is born from the apocalypse of Jesus the Messiah. This singular event grounds and constitutes the life of the church, which otherwise would be “no people.”

Likewise, the church is born into the apocalypse of Jesus. The church is freed from the powers of the fallen creation into the coming Messianic Age. The church’s life and being is one of being given over to the radical presence of the new creation that Christ, in the Spirit has achieved in the cross and resurrection.

Finally, the church is born for the apocalypse of Jesus. The church exists for the sake of Jesus’s transformative unveiling in the world. We are God’s witnesses who live as the church in radical joy, the form of joy that is animated by our being captivated with the gravity of God’s act of liberation. We are born for the apocalypse in that, finding ourselves born from it and into it, we can do no other than work for it, proclaiming it in word and deed, in a Messianic lifestyle animated by doxology and servanthood.

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