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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Karl Barth Blog Conference in Full Swing

For those of you who may not have noticed yet, the main theoblogging event of the year is well underway at Der Evangelische Theologe. A notable recent entry is yesterday’s post on Barth and Bonhoeffer. Also recently posted are entries placing Barth in conversation with Schleiermacher, Bavinck, and Tillich. So far all the posts and […]

Is there a postliberal theological project?

I was having a conversation the other night with a couple friends about the respective theological perspectives of Hans Frei and George Lindbeck regarding to what degree we can really classify them together as constitute a common school of thought (i.e. the “Yale School”). This conversation led me to think further regarding the whole notion […]

9/11 and fear

Gil Anidjar has an excellent article up at the ABC Religion and Ethics page, which speaks well to the culture of fear that continues to be inculcated in America after 9/11. Well worth a read. Here’s a segment: One thing the prophets, poets, and philosophers of old did not endlessly rehearse is, “Be afraid, be […]

Louie and Jesus

A brief plug: the best combination of hilarity and profundity on TV right now for my money is Louie (the brainchild of the star, comedian Louis C.K.). The most recent episode, “God” deals in a shockingly profound way with theological issues related to growing up with Catholic guilt, and the all-too-common (across confessional lines) abusive […]

The evangelical-vampiric construction of femininity

Among the new articles just published at TOJ, one of the most helpful is K.J. Swanson’s critique of the various evangelical Christian responses to the Twilight series. Given all the evangelical (and Catholic, lets be equal opportunity offenders here) uproar over the Harry Potter series it is pretty amazing that most Christian responses to the […]

New Issue of TOJ Out

The Other Journal has just launched their latest issue, this one focusing on the matter of “celebrity.” There are a number of new articles. Definitely worth checking out.

Blogging and patience

Earlier this summer at the Annual Gathering of the Ekklesia Project, and in subsequent conversations I’ve had about the nature of theological blogging the question of patience has been raised a few times. Normally the objection/question is couched in terms of the proposition that blogging, by virtue of its relatively immediate, easy-access nature is fundamentally […]

Bonhoeffer and the body of Christ

Too often we tend to talk about the church as the body of Christ in a way that occludes the distinctly Christological and soteriological importance of this biblical image. The way the image tends to function in much theological discourse is to append Christ to the church in such a way as to bolster the […]

Kingdom-World-Church and Liberation Theology

Among the many discussions that ensued after Nate, Ry, and I posted Kingdom-World-Church, one of the more interesting ones (to me) involved the precise nature of the relation between our theses and Liberation Theology. That there was some important connection was clear from the theses themselves, both in the citations and content, especially regarding the […]

Milbank, Islam, and Mission

My long silence around here must now come to an end. As folks get back to school and other such pursuits, I will do my part to send some distractions peoples’ way via the blog. For now, folks would do well to check out a recent post by Tim McGee about John Milbank’s inherently imperialistic […]

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