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Monthly Archives: October 2010

AAR: Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic

For those of you who are also headed to AAR tomorrow, be sure to check out the sessions we’re offering this year for the Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic Group: (1.) A panel discussion of Christopher Morse’s book, The Difference Heaven Makes: Rehearing the Gospel as News (Continuum, 2010) will be sponsored by T&T Clark/Continuum and will […]

The Singularity of Jesus and the Mission of the Church

I’ve recently published an interview with Nate Kerr over at TOJ that delves into some of the issues that have surfaced in recent discussions about Christology, ecclesiology, and mission. Check it out. Here’s one segment: My contention is that the focus upon the singularity of Jesus Christ forces us to rethink what we mean by […]

KBBC Week 2 Complete

The second  session of this years Karl Barth Blog Conference is complete. There are lots of conversations are still going strong, so make sure to catch up on your reading and feel free to contribute more to the discussion. Here is what we saw presented this week: Welcome and Introduction Outline and Contributor Biographies Barth […]

KBBC Continues: Barth and Hauerwas

The KBBC is continuing unabated this week and today my own contribution, reflecting on the relationship between the work of Stanley Hauerwas and Karl Barth, has been posted. I’ve reproduced the entire entry here, but have closed comments. Please direct all conversation to Der Evangelische Theologe where the conference is being posted in full. Barth […]

Re-viewing perichoresis

In an essay in the forthcoming book, The Great Tradition–A Great Labor, Edith Humphrey makes some interesting comments about the nature of the much-mentioned term in trinitarian theology, perichoresis: Contrary to the common wisdom, the term perichōrēsis does not come from the root noun chōros (meaning “chorus,” as in Greek tragedy, or “dance”) but from […]

Barth and the “No Country”

Today’s post at the KBBC on Barth in dialogue with the Coen Brothers’ film, No Country for Old Men has been a real treat. It seems to me that this dialogue which has been helpfully rendered by Coutts serves, among other purposes, to show us the utter radicality of Barth’s understanding of salvation. The film […]

KBBC Week 2

The Karl Barth Blog Conference is now in its second week. Make sure to check out the introductory post letting us know what’s in store for us this week and the first installment, dealing with Barth in dialogue with the Coen Brothers. Here’s the outline for the week: Monday: Barth in Conversation with the Coen […]

Two extremes

If you want to read something incredibly stupid, make sure to check out Mark Tooley’s dreck, “Mennonite Takeover.” This lovely piece of “writing” wonders if the malignant Neo-Anabaptists of today will someday repent of all the mean things they say about “traditional American Christianity,” you know, since mainline Christians have apologized profusely for killing all […]

J. Kameron Carter on the Politics of the Visual

J. Kameron Carter has recently posted an extremely interesting piece on the roots of the modern racial and political imaginary in Christian iconography. He draws on Mondzain’s Image, Icon, Economy: The Byzantine Origins of the Contemporary Imaginary, which looks to me to be a must-read. Of course, taking on icons is certainly not an enterprise […]

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