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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Daily bread

In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus instructs his disciples to pray “Give us this day our daily bread.” From this one phrase a whole aura of sentimentality has been generated about “depending on God” for our food, a task that is ever so hard for middle class American Christians because, after all, we are so used […]

The right thinking man

The right thinking man is like the poor: we always have him with us. He is the unbelieving believer: that is to say the religious man who lives, in practice, without a god. He is the one who pretendes to believe, who acts as if he believes, who seems to be moral because he has […]

Church Dogmatics §2 Comments

§2.1 The Necessity of Dogmatic Prolegomena Summary: Prolegomena is the introductory part of theology that seeks to understand its particular way of knowledge. Prolegomena, thus, is our attempt to speak about how we go about knowing in theology. Why do we need prolegomena? Well, first of all it isn’t something simply forced on us by […]

Unequally yoked

So this may just be a throwback to some of my conservative evangelical roots, but I’m sure many of us are familiar with the common pastoral injunction that Christians, biblically speaking, ought not to ever even consider marrying one who was not a Christian. After all, this is what Paul referred to in 2 Cor […]

Other Barth reading groups

I just wanted to make mention of several of the other groups reading through Barth’s Church Dogmatics around the blogosphere. In addition to ours, Cabe and Matt (and now Adam) have been reading through the CD for a while now. They are currently well into 2/I. In addition, Daniel Kirk is also doing a read […]

Church Dogmatics §1 Comments

This is cross-posted from our ongoing reading/discussion blog, Reading through Church Dogmatics. I figure I’ll post my summary sections here the day after I post them on the reading group blog so I can index them as we go and maybe it’ll end up being a helpful resource for people interested in the Church Dogmatics. […]

Reading through the Church Dogmatics

For those of you who are interested, I’ve joined a small group of friends who are reading through Barth’s Church Dogmatics together, fifteen pages per day. At this rate it’ll take us two years to get through it, but I think there’s far less chance of burning out than if we had gone for the […]

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