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Category Archives: Israel

Israel and democracy

Apparently Israeli bookstores are systematically eliminating a book that criticizes the extremely violent and illegal settler movement in Palestine. Not too surprising, I guess. But the authors raise some utterly undeniable points, such as this one: Israel is a democratic, Jewish state. If we remain in the territories we will have to choose: either Jewish […]

An Israeli View of Israel

Neve Gordon, a third-generation Israeli, resident of the Negev, and professor of politics at Ben Gurion University roused a bit of controversy a few weeks ago with an op-ed piece affirming the need for an international boycott of Israel: The most accurate way to describe Israel today is as an apartheid state. For more than […]

Judaism and the State of Israel

John Howard Yoder’s The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited is helpful on many levels, but one of the most imporant points he makes therein is the way in which Christianity brought about what we know today as Judaism. Rabbinic Judaism as we know it today was not around in the time of Paul and Jesus. Rather it […]

The Lord of the Rings, Judaism, and Supercessionism

Ken draws some interesting connections in a couple posts between Tolkien’s epic tale in The Return of the King and the Gospel of John’s perspective on Jesus’s messiahship in relation to the institutions of Judaism. Some good analysis here that’s worth a read. Check it out.

Should Jews Become Christians?

In light of some of the recent discussions of supercessionism, I want to probe one key question that I think pertains to the possibilities and scope of a non-supercessionist Christian theology. This question is whether or not Jews should continue to become Christians, or more accurately, be exhorted to themselves become followers of the Messiah. […]

Jesus the New Temple

One of the most interesting features of the gospel of John is its particularly anti-Temple posturing (note Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple at the beginning of the gospel rather than near the end). Moreover, John’s gospel stands out particularly  in the way in which it presents Jesus as the New Temple/Tabernacle. In the gospel of […]

Church and Israel — Christianity and Judaism

Lately the question of the relation between Israel and the Church and Christianity and Judaism has been raised. What I think is crucial in such discussions is that we not equivocate on the terms employed. What is the relationship between the religion of “Christianity” and the theological reality of “Church”? Or the religion of “Judaism” […]

Radical Reformation Historiography

One of the contributions of John Howard Yoder to Anabaptist ecclesiology and ecumenism is the way in which he articulates clearly the sort of historical method that underlies a Radical Reformation orientation. This is precisely the historical method that Yoder puts to work in his book, The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited. He claims that “There is […]

States of Exile: Great New Stuff From Herald Press

Herald Press continues to grace me with a steady supply of their new and excellent books.  The most recent one is the third volume in the incredibly good Polyglossia: Radical Reformation Theologies series.  States of Exile: Visions of Diaspora, Witness, and Return by Alain Epp Weaver is a potent analysis of the nature of exile, […]

The Church and Israel: An Exercise in Category Mistakes

In most discussions of Jewish-Christian relations the questions are generally posed in a manner that suggests that the key question for Christians pertains to how the church is related to Israel.  The key assumption here is that whatever the theological entities named by “church” and “Israel” are, they are the same kind of thing, and their […]

Israel in Christian Theology

One of the issues I often come back to in seeking to understand the overarching flavor of various theologians is the way in which Israel as the people of God functions within their various theologies.  I suggest a couple preliminary points about how one’s theology of Israel affects one’s overall theology, particularly ecclesiology. First, how one […]

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