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9/11 and fear

Gil Anidjar has an excellent article up at the ABC Religion and Ethics page, which speaks well to the culture of fear that continues to be inculcated in America after 9/11. Well worth a read. Here’s a segment: One thing the prophets, poets, and philosophers of old did not endlessly rehearse is, “Be afraid, be […]

Bacevich blogs

Andrew Bacevich is now blogging at World Affairs. His blog, Anti-Imperialist looks to be a consistent source of helpful and insightful commentary on contemporary issues. His latest post is on the Iraq war and its legacy: The violence unleashed by the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 persists, but Americans, from Barack Obama on down, […]

MLK, the tyrannical socialist

An old, but still utterly apt article cuts through the sentimentality we go through every year around MLK day. By 1967, King had also become the country’s most prominent opponent of the Vietnam War, and a staunch critic of overall U.S. foreign policy, which he deemed militaristic. In his “Beyond Vietnam” speech delivered at New […]

EP Responds to Obama’s Nobel Speech

The Ekklesia Project has launched a new blog in response to President Obama’s recent Nobel Prize acceptance speech. I think this is a good thing. EP came into existence to call into question Christians’ complicity with violence as such and war in particular. That was something of an easy target during the Bush years and […]


Well, contrary to all the hubbub about an alleged uprising of the conservative masses (proletariat?) against the totalitarian rule of Barack Obama, it seems that things have gone differently in the over-discussed special election for one of New York’s congress members. It turns out that a district that has been held by Republicans since 1872 has now […]

Dose of Sanity

Larison is very perceptive in cutting through the fog of triumphal pronouncements about the alleged resurgence of conservatism that the current NY special election for congress is supposed to indicate: The GOP seems to be making what ought to be an easy win into a national Phyrrhic victory in which the relative strength of conservative activists inside the party […]

If you want your day made better . . .

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One more on Racism

I swear this is the last quote I’ll post on the topic for a while: I got a note from a good friend yesterday expressing shock, and anger, about Drudge and Malkin’s usage of that alleged racial beat-down on a school-bus [to attack Obama]. On some level, I wonder if something’s wrong with me. I’m […]

The Subtlety of Racism

Indeed: You don’t have to wear a white hood to have views that are significantly animated by racist beliefs and fears–and saying that a lot of the hysterical protest on the right (stylized as a desire for ‘small government’) is significantly animated by racist beliefs and fears is most decidedly not to say that “limited […]

A Real 9/11 Reflection

Dan has what I’d consider to be a reflection on 9/11 that really has some substance: As today, is September 11th, I thought I would engage in a bit of remembering — it is, after all, important to recall moments of our history, for this is the story in which we live. On this day […]

Why Education is Important

Because if you have no college degree, there’s a good chance you’ll end up on Fox News.

Against Good Intentions

Andrew Bacevich has an interesting reflection in World Affairs Journal on Graham Greene and American foreign policy. It really unpacks the way in which innocence (i.e. having only the best and truest intentions) is horribly dangerous in the world of violence and power. As Greene puts it, “Innocence is a kind of insanity.” The conscience […]

If Torture, then Not Christian

Nice surprise from the Scriptorium Daily, a blog based out of the supremely conservative Biola University. The only other time I had ever heard of the author was in a book he edited that was a debate over young versus old earth creationism. Well, regardless of where he comes down on that particular issue, the […]

The Politics of Resentment

Adam has written a lengthy skewering of Craig Carter. Here’s a few paragraphs: A more worthy title for the blog [than The Politics of the Cross Resurrected], however, would have been “Craig Goes All First Things on Everybody’s Ass.” The blog is now basically a rant on the Liberal takeover of the Americas, from the […]

The End of the American Century

Andrew Bacevich has a great new article in Salon about the end of the “American Century.” The net effect [of the myth of the American Century] is to perpetuate an array of illusions that, whatever their value in prior decades, have long since outlived their usefulness. In short, the persistence of this self-congratulatory account deprives […]

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