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Category Archives: Capitalism

Neoliberalism for Beginners

Neoliberalism as Water Balloon from Tim McCaskell on Vimeo. H/T: David Horstkoetter

A Creed for the Modern Church

Jason shares a pretty incisive creedal formulation for the modern church from Andrew Bradstock: We believe in one Market, the Almighty,Maker of heaven on Earth,Of all that is, priced and branded,True growth from true growth,Of one being with the Economy.From this, all value is added. We believe in Deregulation, once and for all,The only way […]

The Color of Socialism

Some interesting points here about the nature of the whole uproar about “socialism” among right wing rabble-rousers we keep seeing on the news. The main issue that needs to be recognized is that the whole uproar about “socialism” in American discourse is a profoundly racial matter: As real socialists laugh at these clumsily made broadsides, […]

The Heresy of Novak

The brand new encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI is out and there are a smattering of responses about the blogosphere. Whatever we may want to say about the merits or liabilities of Benedict’s claims in the encyclical, no one could do worse than Michael Novak in his pathetic response over on the First Things blog: […]

The Shape of American “Socialism”

Just to be clear, I’m not posting this because I support any of the current economic policies that are active in Washington. I do not. However, it does serve as a helpful correcting to the hand-wringing and wailing that comes from the far right these days about how America is becoming the next USSR. H/T: […]

Pope John Paul II on Capitalism

Since socialism is the great fear of the day among many conservative Christians, here’s an interesting approach to the matter from an oft-claimed hero for conservative Christians, Catholic and Protestant alike: Returning now to the initial question: can it perhaps be said that, after the failure of Communism, capitalism is the victorious social system, and […]

Does Capitalism Work?

Not according to John Médaille at FPR, who is in the midst of an essay on the economics of distributism which looks to be quite interesting: . . .  there is a certain amount of resignation among distributists, the feeling that they are facing a system that “works,” and that our major task is to […]

Rebirth and Revolution

At Adbusters, Micah White argues that “capitalist-materialist disenchantment of the world” must be undone by “a vision in which mystery has a place.” All that is wild about the world has been systematically penetrated, catalogued and destroyed. The explicit intention of the scientific mindset, to pierce the mysteries of Being, has led to a world empty […]

Terry Eagleton in Commonweal

The always interesting and entertaining Terry Eagleton has a fascinating article in the latest issue of Commonweal entitled “Culture and Barbarism.” A couple quotes: Islamic fundamentalism confronts Western civilization with the contradiction between the West’s own need to believe and its chronic incapacity to do so. The West now stands eyeball-to-eyeball with a full-blooded “metaphysical” […]

After Brands…?

From Douglas Haddow: The monolithic notion of a “brand” – an infinitely dependable symbol of prosperity, happiness, comfort and security – is over. For nearly a century brands acted as the definitive medium through which we experienced capitalism. A brand’s strength came from its ability to transmit a consistently identical static message. Brands gave our […]

Will the Recession Engender Revolution?

An Adbusters editorial thinks it might indeed: Young people in the West are pissed off as they stare into an increasingly empty and precarious future. If Obama’s stimulus packages fail and Sarkozy’s “new capitalism” doesn’t catch hold, “hope and change” will be mere campaign slogans — bearing no connection to reality. Left with forfeited promises, […]

Conservatism and Globalization

Daniel Larison has some great comments about the relationship between the American neoconservative right and the issue of globalization/secularization. The American right constantly laments the secular erosion of the distinctively American. What Larison rightly points out is that it is incongruous for the right to embrace the economics of globalization and then decry its cultural […]

Eugene McCarraher on Abortion

Lately the “culture of death” rhetoric has been heating up among many conservative commentators in reference to the issue of Obama’s lifting the ban on stem cell research. This has become yet another occasion for many to rail against abortion as the great moral evil of our time. Now, I don’t really actually disagree with […]

Free Markets as Nonviolence?

Über conservative apologetics aficionado, Doug Groothuis is tired of everyone bagging on capitalism these days, and so he points us to a speech given by Ronald Nash in 1985 about capitalism and socialism. If you want a nice theological walk down Cold War memory lane, its quite entertaining: The alternative to free exchange is violence. […]

Cheap is the new Chic

A recent CNN article has some interesting things to say about how the economic crisis is effecting the cultural view of possessions and spending amidst the upper and upper middle class in America: With the economy in shambles and so many people losing their jobs and homes, it is no longer considered cool to brag […]

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