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Category Archives: John Piper

The false glory of John Piper’s god

Recently I was asked (by Kait Dugan, check out her blog) about how John Piper (check out this video for some context), about whose perverse theology I’ve written about previously, manages to come to understand God’s glory as a sort of self-directed hegemonic tyranny. What are the theological moves that lead one to come to think […]

John Piper’s False God (3)

In answering some comments I came across some more crazy stuff from Piper on what he believes about his god and evil. Try this one on for size: After the planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York, I was interviewed and people would ask me, “Where was God in this?” I said, “Well, […]

John Piper’s False God (2)

As already noted, for John Piper evil, suffering, and death are all ultimately determined and decreed by his god as part of his own plan for self-glorification. For Piper this is inestimably a good thing. Because God is God it is good for God to seek to magnify himself in all things. And, moreover the […]

John Piper’s Latest Statement

Credit for this one-liner goes to Ben Myers. You funny, funny Aussie.

More on the tornado God didn’t send against the gays

Greg Boyd has a good and even-handed rebuttal to John Piper’s raving comments about how God sent a tornado to warn the Lutherans not to accept gay clergy. Boyd should be respected for taking this kind of measured and rational tone with something as ludicrous as Piper’s claims. I’m sure I could take some sort […]

John Piper’s False God (1)

In light of some of the requests that surfaced in my last post on the danger that John Piper poses to the church and its mission, I’ll be posting, over the next little while a few reflections on precisely how his theology is dangerous and false. First off, one of the central issues arising from […]

Why John Piper is Dangerous

A while back a commenter asked me to do some sort of incendiary write up about John Piper like I’ve done a few times about Mark Driscoll. One would think that it would be much harder to write such a critique of Piper because he is far more personable and, by all appearances, charitable. Driscoll […]

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