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Category Archives: Things that make you want to gouge your eyes out with your pinky, shove scalding hot pokers in your ears, and repeatedly slam the door of a 1950s-vintage, American-made sedan on your head

As if it needed to be said

It’s good that a recent NY Times article has drawn attention to the unending evangelical idolatry of marriage and family and their correspondingly shameful treatment of single pastors, and especially of single women pastors. Well known theological hack and neocon ideologue, Al Mohler gives us a rather striking display of his own idolatrous and anti-biblical views on […]

Best. Review. Ever.

Its been a while since I’ve indulged in something linking to a movie review, but this is just too damn good to pass up. Drew McWeeny’s review of the latest Twilight schlock is just utterly fantastic: Here’s where I have a problem.  I don’t care if they get married or not, because in this film, “get […]

Why Novak is completely worthless in every way imaginable

Daniel Larison rightly gives Novak a skewering over his recent tirade of stupidity on the ever-further nauseating First Things blog: One of my commenters pointed me to this bizarre item* by Michael Novak at one of the blogs at First Things. Novak writes: We again need such Christian realism. Such tough-mindedness. The most dreadful war […]

Conservatism and the Privatization of Religion

Watching (d)evolution of the lumbering organism that is First Things is certainly interesting. One of the latest developments in this conservative bazaar is the recent addition of a group blog by evangelicals. The lineup is rather interesting, consisting of the sort of usual suspects one might expect to see on a blog by politically conservative […]

If you want your day ruined . . .

Then just follow the link for even more awesomely horrible details: Really this stuff is beyond comment. I’ve actually never seen anything in this category. To get the full effect, make sure to move the mouse cursor over everything in the picture and see the writer’s little captions explaining what it is and what it […]

Putting all Questions to Rest

If there were any doubt it is gone now. If there was even the slightest question that Mark Driscoll is simply rabid misogynist who’s boarderline psychotic, this quote clears all that up. There really are no words for this kind of mindless stupidity: Without blushing, Paul is simply stating that when it comes to leading […]

John Piper’s False God (3)

In answering some comments I came across some more crazy stuff from Piper on what he believes about his god and evil. Try this one on for size: After the planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York, I was interviewed and people would ask me, “Where was God in this?” I said, “Well, […]

John Piper’s False God (1)

In light of some of the requests that surfaced in my last post on the danger that John Piper poses to the church and its mission, I’ll be posting, over the next little while a few reflections on precisely how his theology is dangerous and false. First off, one of the central issues arising from […]

The apocalypse is upon us

H/T: Arni Zachariassen

Insane Quote of the Day

Politics is direct involvement in democratic partisan activity with the goal of changing the law so as to facilitate either social service, social action or both. The Church and clergy should stay out of politics and Christians should participate as individuals in existing parties or through Christian parties. This has got to be one the […]

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