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The irresistible devolution

One of the interesting things about the now old News Corp phone-hacking scandals is how evangelical and radical Christians who publish under their umbrella have gone about justifying their involvement with an entity that is demonstrably evil. For example, radical Christian and new monastic superstar Shane Claiborne is well known for his many books, including […]

Christianity is not a cultural project

One of the central features of what we might call “post-evangelical discontent” is the general state of being sick of hearing about a “personal relationship” with God as central to the meaning of being a Christian. Talk about “personal relationships” with God is pietistic and individualistic drivel through and through, and we must move beyond […]

Oh god, I need a gummie bear, or ETEWAF Now!

Stop what you’re doing and read the hell out of this right now. Patton Oswalt has written the best treatment to date offering a Hegelian theological approach to saving pop culture through a cosmic death-resurrection apocalypse. This is fabulous stuff. The video here is funny, but the full article must be read by all.

Why Novak is completely worthless in every way imaginable

Daniel Larison rightly gives Novak a skewering over his recent tirade of stupidity on the ever-further nauseating First Things blog: One of my commenters pointed me to this bizarre item* by Michael Novak at one of the blogs at First Things. Novak writes: We again need such Christian realism. Such tough-mindedness. The most dreadful war […]

Umm, yes please!

I’ve got to say, this recent open letter from Hans Kung to the bishops of the Roman Church is quite arresting. Whether one agrees with every point Kung makes or not, I think the common quasi-catholic tendency to dismiss Kung as a half-baked liberal is simply laziness and disingenuity. As far as I’m concerned, as Protestant […]

Bacevich blogs

Andrew Bacevich is now blogging at World Affairs. His blog, Anti-Imperialist looks to be a consistent source of helpful and insightful commentary on contemporary issues. His latest post is on the Iraq war and its legacy: The violence unleashed by the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 persists, but Americans, from Barack Obama on down, […]

God bless Rowan Williams

Apparently among fringe right-wing Christian groups Rowan Williams is catching some heat, yet again, this time for his comments in his Easter Sermon. Referencing some recent British political happenings about wearing crosses in public, Williams boldly called Christians away from facile claims to being persecuted victims in the big bad secular world, opting instead to […]

Israel and democracy

Apparently Israeli bookstores are systematically eliminating a book that criticizes the extremely violent and illegal settler movement in Palestine. Not too surprising, I guess. But the authors raise some utterly undeniable points, such as this one: Israel is a democratic, Jewish state. If we remain in the territories we will have to choose: either Jewish […]

Satan and sex scandals

I’m sure we’ve all heard plenty about the recent round of abuse scandals among the Roman Catholic clergy. Of course this isn’t exactly new, but this time around it looks like they’re letting the Vatican’s resident exorcist come up with explanations for the phenomenon: When you’re one of the most powerful institutions in the world […]

J. Kameron Carter on Haiti: From Theodicy to Christ-odicy

As was mentioned in the comments to my quote from Nate’s article on Haiti, you should also make sure to check out J. Kameron Carter’s excellent reflection on the tragedy. Here’s a quote: For in Jesus, so we confess, God was manifest, not metaphysically above the fray, but in the flesh, in our condition (1 […]

Nate Kerr on Haiti: Prayer, Solidarity, and Revolt

Nate Kerr has a new article up at The Other Journal responding to the issue in Haiti, and particularly underscoring the theological importance of prayer and solidarity in relation to such events of radical suffering. Its definitely worth reading. Here’s just one quote: At the heart of all Christian prayer is the cry “Thy kingdom […]

No national anthem at Goshen, please

You may have already heard about Goshen College’s recent decision to start playing the national anthem at sporting events. And if you haven’t heard about the backlash against this move — quite understandable and right as Goshen is a premier Mennonite college.  Anyways, there’s now a petition being signed regarding this decision, and calling upon […]

Satan responds to his Sock Puppet

Looks like Satan has given us a helpful response to his loose-lipped sock puppets. Good thing. Dear Pat Robertson, I know that you know that all press is good press, so I appreciate the shout-out. And you make God look like a big mean bully who kicks people when they are down, so I’m all […]

Haiti, Robertson, and the Bible

The fact that the only place saying this stuff is the Daily Show is what’s really sad. That said, well done, Stewart. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Haiti Earthquake Reactions Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis

For the sake of ten

So, yet again one of Satan’s favorite sock puppets (thanks, Gene!) has turned an incident of natural disaster into yet another instance of God “judging” nations for their sins. I find this curious and horrifying as I’m sure most people do. However, I think sometimes Christians who cringe at these comments don’t really have a […]

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