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I need you in my world

Things have been way to serious around here lately.

Luther loves music

“Indeed I plainly judge, and do not hesitate to affirm, that except for theology there is no art that could be put on the same level with music, since except for theology, music alone produces what otherwise only theology can do, namely, a calm and joyful soul.” ~ Martin Luther (LW 49, 428.)

And I’m Back…

The time in Chicago was great. I partook of many things. Including this: And, naturally some of this: Moreover, if you’re in Chicago any Wednesday in August you have to make your way to the Tonic Room some evening and catch le Percolateur. They are fantastic. And the bar’s not half bad either.

Resurrection Blues

If there was ever a song that captured the spirit of Good Friday for me, it is “Resurrection Blues” by Otis Taylor. In contrast to the pervasive tendency to see, in the secret recesses of the Christ of the crucifixion, a self-assured confidence in his divinity and mission, we have a vision that truly embraces […]

Ten Million Slaves

Otis Taylor is one of the best blues musicians I’ve ever encountered. Which isn’t saying very much on the one hand because I’m a pretty simply rock and roller in my music tastes. Generally. Taylor is the real article, and has rekindled a long-dormant love I’ve had for blues. This song, “Ten Million Slaves” has […]

Thru You

The undisputed king of all bloggers, Andrew Sullivan links to a pretty fascinating series of YouTube videos by Israeli musician, Kudiman. This new album of his is actual made by mixing YouTube videos of all sorts of music. A pretty fascinating creation, I must say. [youtube=]

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