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Category Archives: South Park

South Park Does Glenn Beck

Just too good not to share:

The Commodification of Chastity

South Park has roared back to life with a fantastic season premier that nails the way in which symbols of chastity–particularly those from Christian pop culture–are fetishized and eroticized for the purpose of profit. The chief culprit in this is, of course, Disney: [youtube=] [youtube=] Full episode, here.

South Park on Gender Crossing

In case some of you are wondering what my promised future post on transgender issues will be like, allow me to give you some idea of the general direction that it will be coming from.  Now, if you are offended by, well, offensive things, then by all means do not watch this.  If, however you […]

Mormonism: A Guide for the Perplexed

No, it isn’t the latest book in the Continuum Series, it’s the classic, funny, and sadly accurate depiction of Mormon origins from South Park. [youtube=]

Voting? Seriously? Capitalism anyone?

So, apparently it’s about time to vote again in the good old U.S. of A. and I, of course will not be voting.  And for the first time I’ve been castigated by a few of my acquaintances over my non-voting status.  I’m curious to see what people here might think about the whole matter.  Obviously […]

The Drama of Atheist Humanism Continues…

 I recently came across this interesting post by decorated atheist blogger, P.Z. Myers.  He related a rather disturbing lecture that was given recently by Christopher Hitchens, in which he definitively wed militant atheism to American imperialism at its worst.  Here is a lengthy quote from his post: [Hitchens] told us what the most serious threat […]

Radical Orthodoxy meets South Park

Lee over at the Smithy has produced an awesome post on Radical Orthodoxy in which he likens it to what is probably my favorite cartoon and guilty pleasure, South Park. Here’s a bit of what he said: I don’t know if any of my gentle readers recall the early Southpark episode where Tweak is out […]

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