Tips to Avoid a Pest Invasion This Summer

A few readers of the blog contacted me asking for pest control tips as the warmer part of the year is slowly approaching and they are concerned with ugly little crawlies messing around their houses !

This video explains an old fashion technique that has proven to be really efficient over the years. Plain and simple like your grandma would do it !! Borax (detergent that can be easily found everywhere online and at your local retailer) and sugar )pretty much anything super-sweet will do it here).

See for yourself, this is a super efficient method to keep ants away and enjoy a relaxing summer !

Benefits That Are Associated With Steam Cleaners


There are very many types of cleaning methods that are used when cleaning things that we as people have. In many cases, people fail to understand the disadvantages that are associated with each type of cleaning method as well as the advantages. As a person, you have to realise that there is the need to know some benefits that are associated with steam cleaning, and why you should choose to use steam cleaning as a cleaning method in your home. This article will give you with some advantages that are associated with using steam cleaning method found on le site Mon Nettoyeur.

1. Steam cleaning is Non-Toxic

beware of toxic products
beware of toxic products

When one uses steam cleaning method, you will realise that it does kill more than 99.99% of the germs and bacteria.

Steam cleaning is also the best cleaning method just because it does not require you to use anything that is toxic and also something that may be potentially dangerous such as ammonia or any bleaching agent.

Steam cleaning not being dangerous, it automatically means that steam cleaning will not cause any environmental pollution simply because it is toxic.

2. Friendly to your Pets and kids

Because the Steam cleaning method is not toxic, you will find out that it will not have any adverse effect on your pets and children and also your children as well. Steam cleaning is highly recommended whenever you have young children and also pets.

This is simply because the pets and the young children will eat anything that is on their way, and also they are always very sensitive to chemicals as well. Since the steam cleaning method does not have chemicals, it will not have any adverse effects on your children.

3. Can save you some money

a-steam-cleaner-for-the-houseSteam cleaning is not only the best because of the health benefits that are associated with it but also because it is the cheapest cleaning method that is available on the market. Unlike when you buy cleaning detergents, steam cleaning will only need you have hot steam so that you can be able to carry out leaning process and in that case, you will save a lot of money?

Always consider using steam cleaning method so that you can get the best results and also save some quality sum of money.

4. Benefits people who are allergic

For those people that are very allergic to chemicals, you will realise that they will take advantage of the usage of steam cleaning method because it does not have any chemical that is associated with it.

It, therefore, becomes the best type of cleaning method that any person either allergic or not can opt to use because it does not have any adverse effect on any individual.

5. Best in mould removal

Steam cleaning also has a lot of benefits because it can help you to remove moulds that mainly do grow in the bathroom. There are very many problems that are associated with these moulds when they get in contact with your body for example diseases. Chemicals do not kill the moulds but in any way.