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Category Archives: Being wierd

A (plagiarized) letter

From: His Exalted Darkness Malaphar, Denizen of Darkness and Strife, beloved Lieutenant of Beelzbul, Prince of Darkness and the Powers of the Air** To: Barakiel the Accursed, Faithful Servant of Division Re: COSK Portland 2014 Line Item Action Plan My most foul, impish, and dear colleague, it gives me the most sublime delight to hear […]

The politics of celebrity commentating

It’s always struck me as quite odd how the throat-clearing that goes on at the front of so many quasi-intellectual essays talking about recent celebrity drama/gossip/insane meltdowns inevitably takes the form of the author establishing with absolute clarity their own complete and utter disinterest in celebrities. Apparently the only way you can establish yourself as […]

Unequally yoked

So this may just be a throwback to some of my conservative evangelical roots, but I’m sure many of us are familiar with the common pastoral injunction that Christians, biblically speaking, ought not to ever even consider marrying one who was not a Christian. After all, this is what Paul referred to in 2 Cor […]

Supersized eucharist?

According to one study, it looks like over the last thousand years or so our artistic representations of the Last Supper have seen the food portions get bigger and bigger: Has even the Last Supper been supersized? The food in famous paintings of the meal has grown by biblical proportions over the last millennium, researchers […]

Biblical studies pet peve

Okay, I know that chaisms are a major literary feature in Hebrew poetry and elsewhere throughout the Scriptures, and that’s all fine and good. However I really can’t stand the tendency to try to find them absolutely everywhere in Scripture. For example Wes Howard-Brook’s Becoming Children of God: Radical Discipleship in the Gospel of John […]

Where’s the hole?

It seems to me that most of us — and by “us” I mean those of us who tend to read and write theology blogs — have at least one big hole in our education that we tend to regret and be somewhat annoyed about. For my part its definitely the paucity of my languages. […]

Waxing Hauerwasian

In light of the recent mega-conversation on Hauerwas and the truth of the gospel, perhaps folks will indulge me if I wax Hauerwasian for a moment: “If you need a church to worship Jesus, then worship your fucking church!” Of course, you may know that the actual quote that Hauerwas has stated many times is […]

JPII and Self-Flagellation

Interesting stuff about the late pope’s ascetical practices from a forthcoming book by the Monsignor who’s promoting his candidacy for sainthood: Pope John Paul II whipped himself with a belt, even on vacation, and slept on the floor as acts of penitence and to bring him closer to Christian perfection, according to a new book […]

In defense of ass-kicking

In recent discussion about some comments by Gene McCarraher in the in-progress TOJ interview, some interesting stuff came about the relative merits of kicking ass, argumentatively speaking. The passage that occasioned this discussion in the interview is as follows: I was giving a talk in Chicago a few months after the invasion, and a student […]

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